Marvel Reboots Deadpool By Wiping Out His Past


Spoiler Alert: This article has spoilers for Despicable Deadpool #300! You have been warned.

During the seven years of Duggan’s run on Deadpool, Wade has done a lot of regrettable things. Prominent among those was the murdering Phil Coulson in an attempt to follow the orders given by Captain America. After that, Wade had a difficult time surviving, and that led to the events of this last, super-sized issue.

After Deadpool’s plan to get killed by the Avengers doesn’t work, he gets another idea and walks out on the open road, being chased by Captain America and Agent Preston. Wade goes to Utter’s old lab, where the drugs that ripped his mind were still kept.

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That’s where Deadpool’s idea takes shape. Wade consumes all the drugs left over, aware that his whole memory will be erased. When Captain and Preston reach there, they discover Deadpool sleeping on the operating table, connected to a number of IVs feeding the drug into his body.

Deadpool wakes up in a hall full of his own recollections. Since he is not able to cope with them anymore, he decides to delete them all, rebooting everything that took place during the last seven years. It is followed by a mega-montage of the most iconic moments from the Deadpool series by Duggan. The current Deadpool steps into the scenes and tears them to bits.

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Once Deadpool wakes up, and goes to Heaven and Hell, he is tried for murdering Coulson. Due to the effect of the drugs, Deadpool is comatose, and the judge gives the ruling that Deadpool was unfit to undergo trial.

The series wraps up with Deadpool in an asylum, waking up unaware of whatever happened to him. He puts on his suit, rushes out of the door and comes to believe that he loves Mexican cuisine. The last words of the issue read, “Another Beginning,” hinting at the upcoming new series by Young.

Gerry Duggan’s Deadpool #300 is available in stores now. The new Deadpool series by Skottie Young and Nic Klein will premiere on June 6.