Matt Reeves’ The Batman Might Feature A Younger Bruce Waynne


Earlier in the week, news came out that Geoff Johns was relinquishing his role of president and chief creative officer of DC Entertainment, and reports also emerged about The Batman, being developed by Matt Reeves, is going to reboot the character, thus, not featuring Ben Affleck as Dark Knight. Today, we hear further evidence supporting those reports.

The Hollywood Reporter came out with a  piece about the DC Films president Walter Hamada and the future direction he wishes to give to the franchise. A number of under-development projects were mentioned, and it also had some new information related to The Batman.

As per THR, Reeves has submitted the first act of his The Batman screenplay during the Memorial Day weekend. The new movie reportedly focuses on a much younger Bruce Wayne instead of the Ben Affleck version. This change indicates that Affleck is unlikely to be back as Batman one more time.

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There has been no official confirmation or denial from either Warner Bros or DC Entertainment to these reports.

Affleck’s future as Batman has been uncertain for quite a while after Justice League. He first came on board not just to play the role, but, also to write and direct a Batman solo movie. Last year, we saw him exit the writer/director roles which went to Matt Reeves who has won over critics and viewers with his Planet of the Apes movies.

Right from that time, Affleck’s involvement in the future DC films has remained doubtful.