Megan Thee Stallion Poses In Skimpy Purple Crop Top To Show Off Her Sizzling Figure (10 Pics)


 Megan Thee Stallion has celebrated the release of the video for the 34 + 35 remix, for which she collaborated with Ariana Grande and Doja Cat. She continued her mood of celebration as it’s almost her birthday. She put on a purple ensemble as she posed for her upcoming birthday photoset. The rapper recently shared a stunning image on her Instagram as she showed off her lovely curves and pert derriere on her image. The 25-year-old put on an ensemble that featured a latex crop top and a tiny bottom.


The vinyl crop top flaunted her ample assets and pretty cleavage. The tiny bottom flexed her peachy derriere and toned legs as she teamed up her look with thigh-high boots.


The ensemble maintained a color gradient that shifted from pale lavender to dark purple. The top had a knot detailing along with a belted bottom, which appreciated her toned stomach.

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The thigh-high boots she wore had some lacing to flex her thick thighs. The WAP rapper chose to have a straight hairstyle as her purple wig reached almost down to her boots. She accessorized her look with a purple bracelet and a jeweled necklace.


Her makeup palette was also dominated by the shades of purple. It featured purple eyeshadow and lipstick. She stood in front of the metallic purple curtains while posing. She used the caption, ‘Birthday weekend activated.’ Megan is going to celebrate her 26th birthday on 15th February.


Megan has already shown off her skills to spit bars in a recent video for the remix of Ariana Grande’s single 34 +35. The theme specialized overarching themes, and Doja Cat and Megan posed in lingerie sets to flaunt their stunning figures.



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