Micaela Schafer Bares It All To Raise Awareness For CORONA (12 Pics)

Micaela Schafer bares it all to raise awareness for CORONA

The adult star Micaela Schafer bared it all in her most recent Instagram post in an attempt to raise awareness to make the public wear masks. In fact, in this unique photoshoot, we see Micaela wearing anything but masks. Hold down your breath because her post did not breach any guidelines for nudity on Instagram.


Micaela Schäfer bikini

She wore a skimpy makeshift bikini out of three masks. Clearly, it was a unique attempt, and we were much amused by it.


Micaela Schäfer sexy

She posed out under the clear blue sky on her balcony. And even graced with a back pose, which exposed her plumped up asscheeks.

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Micaela Schäfer chiseled abs

We really could not strip our eyes off those chiseled abs, which she worked so hard to achieve.


It is good to see the star using her fame on the social media platform for a community issue. It’s been months since we first heard of the pandemic and the importance of wearing masks. However, people are becoming complacent and are not focused on the risks. By wearing anything but masks, Schafer shows how masks have become a necessity.

Just like any other piece of clothing on the body, it has become an object of propriety. You cannot leave the house without a mask now.

In the end, all we would like to say is, “keep up the good work, Micaela.” We really enjoy her searing hot content, and it’s good to see her doing her bit for society too.




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