Will We See Miles Morales As Spider-Man In Avengers 4 ?


Ever since Peter Parker made his debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, he has become one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland’s adorable looks and infectious youth makes him very loveable it is even more heartbreaking when he becomes one of Thanos’ victims at the end of Infinity War. On the destroyed planet Titan, Peter is seen cradled by Tony Stark, pleading that he doesn’t want to die before eventually crumbling to ash.

Peter will, however, be definitely back next year in Infinity War‘s currently unnamed sequel, but there might be a catch to it. Rumour has it that there may be a time jump in the story taking place a few years ahead via some sort of time-travel.

With that in mind, this may be the perfect way to introduce a new character to fill Spider Man’s shoes in the MCU now that Peter Parker is ruled out-Miles Morales.

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Miles Morales exists in Sony’s Spider-Man reality by way of his Uncle Aaron Davis’ arrival. A time skip from Spiderman Homecoming to Avengers 4 would make Miles the right age to claim his identity as a teenage superhero. The first season of the current Spider-Man cartoon shows how Miles gains his powers after a few episodes of Peter being a hero and in the upcoming Spider-Man game; Miles meets a Peter who’s been a hero for almost a decade.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe could be introducing Miles to replace Peter once Infinity War has concluded. He’s lived a more superhero life than most teen superheroes can boast, from meeting a version of himself from his new universe to working with the Avengers to stop two Earths from combining into a single planet.

Miles found himself dimension-hopping thanks to the first Spider-Men series. His simple acts of kindness like giving Molecule Man a cheeseburger that allowed for Marvel’s comics universe to be restored. His core of genuine goodness and empathy will blend well against the backdrop of massively cosmic events.

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Miles can only now become a hero because Peter is dead and gone. Peter’s death in the MCU makes things more complicated as there’s not much of a Spider-Man legacy for Miles to live up to. He’d still be young and inexperienced, so with Peter dead, who would show him the ropes of how it’s done?

Also, Marvel and Sony wouldn’t have to waste time finding a way to introduce his character, as once Holland’s contract ends; they could shift the movie franchise to focus on Spider-Man: Miles Morales. By doing with Miles what Civil War did with Black Panther, or Thor Ragnarok did with the Hulk, the stage would be set for Miles to go on to bigger and better things sooner than later.

We’ve seen Spider-Man interact with the big players of the MCU, so it’s time to see what he would be like with someone in his own inner circle. Following his shift to the main Marvel Comics universe, the solution would be to make him the New York-based Spider-Man while Peter’s Spider-man would be doing more globetrotting adventures. Holland’s Homecoming sequel looks like it’ll have Peter traveling the world, and New York will always need a Spider-Man. This would give Sony and Marvel a chance to have both their cakes while allowing them to eat them at the same time. The studios get a Peter Parker who goes global, and we get the Miles Morales film that fans have been wanting for a long time ever since the character first showed up.