Miley Cyrus Looks Stunning As She Shows Off Her Cleavage In Her Recent Christmas-Themed Photos (10 Pics)


The singer Miley Cyrus is well-known for her bold and beautiful style, and she loves to add her own touch to every look she creates. It was not a surprise to the fans when she put on an intimidating facial expression while sporting her Santa-themed costume. As a part of Christmas greetings, many celebrities have shared their photos while enjoying their Christmas or simply posing for a Christmas themed photoshoot. Miley Cyrus was not an exception, but at the same time, she stood out because of her choice of costume, look, and expression.


Miley Cyrus posing braless

She was seen posing braless under the Santa jacket with furry designs and matching red pants. Miley chose to wear a thick black belt, black boots, and black leather gloves. She accessorized her look with a bunch of necklaces. Her short blond hair touched her shoulder as Miley covered her head with a red box. She chose a glam makeup look with coral lip color and dark eye makeup with thick eyelash extensions.


Miley Cyrus pretty cleavage

In one of the images, she was seen kneeling among the gift boxes while covering her bosom with her hands. Her pretty cleavage was highlighted by her posture. Her hand was seen making way inside her pants. Her expression and glared at the camera made her look intimidating.

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Miley Cyrus covering her breasts

She stood up while covering her breasts with her hands. She used the caption, ‘”Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.”-The Grinch (emoji)’


Miley Cyrus black latex corset

Miley shared another set of Christmas themed photos. She was seen posing in a black latex corset with suspenders and matching black bottom while posing topless. She used nipple stickers to cover her tits, which showed off her charming bosom.


Miley Cyrus pretty curves

She paired her look with black stockings, heels, black gloves, and a black Santa hat. Her costume highlighted her pretty curves. Her hairstyle and dark makeup made her look sizzling.


Miley Cyrus red Santa costume

She unleashed her aggression while posing for the photos. She wore the same red Santa costume while tearing the box apart.


Miley Cyrus covered her tits

She lifted the box on top of her head as she covered her tits while posing.

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Miley Cyrus holding her tits

In another picture, she was seen stepping on a box while holding her tits with her hands.


Miley Cyrus aggressively standing

She was also seen aggressively standing on the boxes while sticking her tough out.


She used the caption, “BAD SANTA (emoji).”