Molly Sims, Saying Farewell To Mexico, In A Blue Bikini

Molly Sims, Saying Farewell To Mexico, In A Blue Bikini

Seems like the vacation never ended for the model- Molly Sims. The 48-year-old celebrity went to celebrate a vacation to the mesmerizing Mexico. Though she is back home, and acing in her daily life and work, all her social media is about the images from the vacation. In her latest posts, pictures from her vacation occupy almost all of her Instagram.

Recently she posted in a blue bikini- flaunting her toned abs and cleavage.  The model was seen standing near the ocean view as she poses with her huge square sunglasses and jewelry. Her suite’s doorway is visible in the picture. She is seen wearing a heart-shaped pendant necklace and small diamond earrings.

The star was seen wearing her engagement ring. The other photos were from the suite only, in which the 48-year-old model was seen relaxing as she lay down on her stomach while watching the ocean view. She was also seen sitting on a hanging wooden basket chair, as she flaunts her toned legs and stomach.

The cute all-blue two-piece bikini pose was from the Myra Swim line. The vacation was to celebrate the 50th birthday of a dearest friend. The mother of three about-to-be athletes spent a week with her family in Cabo San Lucas for some quality time with family. For the vacation, the model chose a luxury resort with the perfect oceanic view.

To reach the desired resort, the celebrity queen used her private jet to take the whole party to the resort, and beach as well, where all of them were seen having a good time. Her whole family can be seen as she poses with her husband- Scott Stuber and three children- Brooks, Grey, and Scarlett. She captions the posts highlighting how good a time it was.

The caption went like as much as needed Spring Break. She also uses an emoji- a flower as she completes the caption of her wholesome Instagram posts. Walking through luxury, the star traveled through her expensive private jet only.

Detailing her departure, she posts one last picture from the vacation, as the group posed last time at the airport, before flying back home. Seems like the 50th birthday was spent well, not only birthday celebrations, but the whole family vacation was a successful trip. Molly also kept her fans and followers updated as she kept posting all about her vacation.