8 Morena Baccarin Facts That Will Surprise The Fans


The mere mention of Morena Baccarin’s name is adequate to delight the hearts of fans all over the world. The sultry actress has really been dominating the hearts of the audiences and media alike with her great work on the big screen and at times, due to her personal life issues. The highly talented actress has brilliantly performed a number of roles on the small as well as the big screen which have not only wowed her audiences but, also brought a lot of critical acclaim to her.
She is presently playing a key role in Gotham on TV and later this month, she will be back on the big screen in Deadpool 2. We thought this is the right time to bring to light eight facts about the life and work of Morena that her fans might not have been familiar with.

1. Her Origins

Her delightful and hot looks ensure that we are not surprised to know that she was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on June 2, 1979, and has Italian ancestry. Her mother Vera Setta is a renowned actress in Brazil and her father Fernando Baccarin is a career journalist. Her name Morena is a Portuguese word which means ‘Brunette’ (talk about apt naming). At a very tender age of seven, she relocated with her family to Greenwich Village, New York, where her father had got posted as an editor at the headquarters of Globo TV. She had her education in New York and later went to the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music, Art, and Performing Arts before joining the theater program at the Juilliard School (1996-2000).

 Morena Baccarin Cleavage

2. She Was Natalie Portman’s Understudy.

It is no secret that all things big and great start small and it wasn’t much different for this 38-year-old beauty. Baccarin got her first movie break in 2001 in fashion-comedy Perfume. It was followed by a leading role in Way Off Broadway in the same year. However, she also happened to be Natalie Portman’s understudy in the Central Park production titled The Seagull.

Morena Baccarin Natalie Portman’s Understudy

3. Morena and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool has a reputation for taking shots at all and sundry. The Canadian actor relishes funny tweets, making remarks about his co-stars, other popular movie characters, and Disney. However, the gorgeous Morena Baccarin has more than once delivered incredible burns on her Deadpool co-star. Her tweet-gate where she trolled Reynolds on the International Women’s Day was a brilliant piece of trolling the mega-troll. She had once even remarked that Ryan Reynolds is a great actor, and she wished he was not so ugly. After their brilliant on-screen performance in Deadpool, the couple will soon be seen in the Deadpool 2 where Morena reprises her character of Vanessa.

Morena and Ryan Reynolds Love Scene

4. Morena loves Vanessa.

Morena played the role of a prostitute Vanessa Carlysle who is Deadpool’s girlfriend. According to Morena, she is in love with the character. She recently stated that while Vanessa is a strong character, she is often driven to the edge of her tolerance due to the antics of Deadpool. She said that she is expecting the character to evolve in the Deadpool sequel. This is what she said: “I would love to see the evolution of that character, and how she becomes that. I also think it’s very interesting to see the relationship with her and Wade after the whole thing. His whole demeanor changing. And just how they continue their relationship.”

Morena Baccarin With Deadpool

5. Morena’s First Marriage

Baccarin married American producer/director Austin Chick in 2011 and gave birth to their son Julius on October 22, 2013. However, soon they developed certain marital problems which couldn’t be reconciled. Eventually, they filed for divorce in 2015 and on March 18, 2016, they officially got divorced. However, she had to endure a nasty court battle about the custody of her son which wrapped up last year.

Morena Baccarin First Husband Austin Chick

6. Morena is married to her Gotham co-star

After her divorce from Austin Chick, Morena announced that she was going to marry her Gotham co-star Ben McKenzie. Reportedly, she was pregnant with McKenzie’s child at the time when Chick filed for divorce, and her daughter with McKenzie was born in the same month as her divorce with Chick became official. According to Morena, she is thankful to have Ben as her partner. “It’s wonderful to watch him every day with our kids,” Baccarin said. “I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

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7. She is a doting mom.

Morena Baccarin has two children, her four-year-old son Julius is from her first marriage with Austin Chick, and she has a two-year-old daughter with her current husband Ben McKenzie named Frances. Morena is a doting mother, and she claimed that she is fortunate that she has McKenzie as the father of her two children. While talking about her two-year-old daughter, Morena said, “She’s talking quite a bit, and it’s very sweet,” she said. “She sounds a little like a caveman at the moment. Everything is me, like ‘me want that too’ or ‘me take that.’ It’s very sweet, and it’s so amazing to watch language spark in a little 2-year-old.”

Morena Baccarin With Her Baby

8. Her love-making scenes in Deadpool.

While the audiences might have loved her intimate scenes with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool where she played the character of his girlfriend Vanessa who is a prostitute by profession, but, according to the actress, the scenes were a terrible experience for her. Even her co-star Ryan Reynolds felt that the scenes that were shot for over two days were a traumatic experience. In fact, Baccarin went on to admit that she had to resort to several tequila shots to somehow get through those dreadful scenes. Frankly, we find her hot scenes to be hot, nothing else.

Morena Baccarin Sex Scene in Deadpool