30 Beautiful Instagram Pictures Of Deadpool 2 Actress Morena Baccarin Will Make You Fall In Love With Her


Morena Baccarin has Italian ancestry, was born in Brazil and her mother is a famous Brazilian actress. She relocated to  New York at a tender age, and her upbringing in New York has ensured that Morena Baccarin scores perfectly on every aspect of being an irresistibly hot woman. Just uttering her name causes millions of hearts to flutter. This drop-dead actress first came into prominence courtesy her portrayal of Inara Serra in Firefly, a TV show directed by Joss Whedon. In that show, she superbly played the character of an incredibly stylish 26th-century version of a geisha. She commanded respect in the society and was compassionate. Her enchanting looks, hot body and seductive eyes captivated the hearts of scores of fans. After that stunning performance, she never looked back and has already been a part of several science-fiction and superhero movies besides voicing three different DC characters in animation movies as well as voicing Gideon in The Flash on The CW. From 2014 onwards, Morena Baccarin has been seen in the TV show Gotham where she plays Dr. Leslie Thompkins, a young, ambitious and moralistic physician working at the horrible Arkham Asylum. The best thing for Morena Baccarin that came from the show was that she met her current husband on the set and is now enjoying marital bliss with him. He plays Detective Gordon on the show, and they have a fantastic romantic chemistry on-screen. Together they have a two-year-old daughter, and Morena also has a four-year-old son from an earlier marriage whose custody she won after a bitter legal battle. However, despite all her sizzling performances in the past, what has made Morena Baccarin a heart-throb of millions all over the world, is her portrayal of Vanessa in Deadpool franchise. The character is of a prostitute cum girlfriend of Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. In the original Deadpool movie, she shared a lengthy and scorching love-making scene with Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds). The fans found her so hot that they are always keen to see more of her. Now that Deadpool 2 is releasing this week, we thought it best to share with you 30 hot Instagram images of Morena Baccarin, which will make you fall madly in love with her. Go ahead and feel free to feast your eyes on these gorgeous images!

1. Beach Fun!

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2. Holidays!

3. Ohh Yeah!

4. Girls Night Out!

5. Got The Tickets!

6. Crazy!

7. Wow!

8. Happy Easter Day!

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9. Awesome!

10. Ho Ho!

11. Beautiful!

12. Wonderful!

13. Haha!

14. Just Got Real!

15. Oomph!

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16. At Brooklyn Bridge Park!

17. Set Fun!

18. Gorgeous!

19. Toughest Car!

20. That’s A Huge Mug!

21. Exquisite!

22. Fan Moment!

23. Saucy!

24. Mario’s Ghost!

25. Sweet!

26. Amazing!


27. Lovely!

28. Nice!

29. Vanessa’s tattoo!

30. Outings!