Natalie Roush Poses In Wet White T-shirt (5 Pics)


Natalie Roush, the 25-year-old model, has a bomb figure, and she does not shy away to show it off. The Instagram model has earned a name for herself as a lingerie model. She often poses in sexy and pretty lingerie that charms her Instagram followers.

Her Instagram, with more than 900k followers, snatches the heart of the viewers on the first go. The model has her Patreon-only account, and she posts exclusive sizzling shots for her patrons. They can choose from the four categories


Natalie Roush sexy pictures
Natalie Roush sexy pictures

Recently, the model shot for the exclusive Patreon-only content. The model posed for some sultry photos while taking a shower. She wore a white top while getting wet in the water. The damp shirt embraced her body to highlight her curves.


Natalie Roush hot pictures
Natalie Roush hot pictures

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She only wore the white shirt and posed to show off her hips. The wet look of the model was enthralling. The water dripped from her hair to make her look sensual. She wore no makeup look, and that made the snaps appear more realistic.


The only accessory that could be seen was a nose-pin. The shoot was carried on in an enclosed area, and low lighting was chosen for the shot. The setting and the stylization of the model both matched well to create a fantastic effect.