Here Is The New Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay’s Footage And Information.


GameInformer’s May issue will be full of latest  Spider-Man PS4 stuff. The cover of the upcoming issue was revealed a short while back displaying some amazing new artwork showing the high-flying web-slinger looking fabulous in the new “white spider” costume. Have a look!

There is also an article on GameInformer’s website which reveals new information about the game. The Executive Editor Andrew Reiner stated that he experienced the game first hand, and teased the fans by saying that he was aware of the release date. However, the release date won’t be disclosed in the article, but, he reveals some other details which were unknown to us before.

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For example, it has been disclosed that there will be various upgrade paths while players will move through the game. Reiner informed that there is a suit making mechanic as well. That sounded weird initially, but, we are delighted to know more. It was a shock that the new axe wielded by Kratos in God of War could be modified and “gear” could be made, but, frankly, the story-driven adventure games such as God of War or Spider-Man, would be better off featuring progression paths such as these because they make replay a more appealing option and allow players to develop  their playstyle the way they like to. In fact, we had also revealed about the chances of seeing Spider-Man in a new suit as an element of GameInformer’s report.

There is also some unseen previously gameplay footage to excite us! You can check it in the preview video below:

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Although not much is known about the story, one thing is clear that we will spend a great deal of time playing Peter Parker. The game has “slice-of-life” sections which will give us ample material for our adventures in that latest and cool Spider-Man costume. Reiner also said that, as per Insomniac Games (developer of the game), the game would feature the best Spider-Man stories which will come to fore when Spider-Man’s world collides with Peter Parker’s. That’s what they are trying to offer in the new game.