Nickelodeon Is Bringing Back Double Dare


If you love nostalgia and Nickelodeon, then this is time for you to celebrate. Nickelodeon is reintroducing its famous game show Double Dare. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, it will premiere this summer with 40 new episodes.

According to the network, the reboot will “feature appearances from blasts from the past, longtime Double Dare fans and stars from today” to be announced later.

The show was a success when it aired in 1986 and featured two teams that competed with each other to win prizes. The competition involved answering trivia questions, physically testing stunts and finally finishing an obstacle course comprising of a human hamster wheel, giant mouth, wringer and the Double Dare nose.

Considered to be the longest-running game show on the network, Double Dare had a run from 1986-1993 with a number of versions being aired, such as a Nick at Nite Double Dare Reunion Special in 2016 which marked the 30 anniversary of the show.

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It’s not yet known whether the show’s original host, Marc Summers will also be back or not.

Just like various other networks, Nickelodeon is aiming to revive a number of its old popular series such as Clarissa Explains It All (featuring the original star Melissa Joan Hart and the maker of the series Mitchell Kriegman), and also the Blue’s Clues, which has been approved for 20 episodes.

While these are still early days regarding the Clarissa reboot, the show is going to take clues from the Fuller House’s book, and Hart will play her character of Clarissa Darling, but, this time we would see her as the mother fo the family. The actress is also going to executive produce, but, a deal hasn’t yet been signed by her.

The WWE star John Cena had auditioned for Steve, the host of Blue’s Clues. The entertainment reporter Jason Lynch tweeted an image of Cena wearing the long-sleeved striped polo shirt of Steve. The image went viral, but, the costume was just a joke for the buyers.