Nikita Dragun Shares Racy Images As She Poses In Tiny Bikini (10 Pics)

Nikita Dragun Shares Racy Images As She Poses In Tiny Bikini (10 Pics)

The YouTuber knows how to create content, which has helped her garner more than 9M followers. She often posts sultry snaps and videos on her Instagram that gets flooded with praise as soon as she drops any image. Recently, she shared a bunch of racy images on Valentine’s Day.


Nikita Dragun donned a skimpy top and tiny bikini. She put on fishnets to flex her toned back, and the tiny top appreciated her ample cleavage and toned body. She teamed up her look with high heels, which had steel spikes. The YouTuber put on some chains and bondage gear to make her look sexy.


She accessorized her look with bracelets and a necklace. She put on a set of wings on her back, which had some dark stains on their ends. Her hair was styled in blond locks to fall on her shoulder. She wore dark eye makeup, and blood dripped from her eyes.

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In one of the pictures, she was seen crouching on the floor while posing. Her posture appreciated her ample assets. She stood while posing and gripped her boob while posing. Her body was strained in bloodstains, which made her look intimidating and seductive.


She lay on the floor while flexing her peachy derriere and toned curves. She made a scary pose while showing her claws and dark eye lens. She stood in a puddle while flexing her wings. She made a roaring pose while bending down and stretching her legs. She used the caption, “my bloody valentine.”




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