Nintendo Switch Fans Excited Over The Recent Pokemon Leak


The latest Pokemon leak has made Nintendo Switch fans excited. Pokemon Sword and The Crown Tundra were released this month. However, many Pokemon fans were impatient about what is next. A new leak has done a pretty good job of tapping into that excitement.

Centro Pokémon LEAKS has tweeted, “Some interesting info from a licensing magazine. According to them, Pokémon is releasing a new app in Q4 2020. Also, a new line of products for the 25th anniversary is expected with the name #25. Gb eye also says 2021 is going to be very exciting for the Pokémon brand.”

The licensing magazine is also promoting a new line of special products for the series’ 25th industry.

As nothing is official yet, it is better to take any rumors or speculations originating due to the leak with a grain of salt. However, Pokemon fans are excited for 2021.