Normani Looks Sizzling As She Wears Sexy Outfits In Wild Side Music Video (10 Pics)

Normani Looks Sizzling As She Wears Sexy Outfits In Wild Side Music Video

The singer-dancer Normani has previously appeared as a cameo in Cardi B’s hit number WAP. This time the singer has joined hands with Cardi B for her own music video of Wild Side. The singer took the music video to the next level with a racy display of her body and eye-catchy scenes. As Normani announced the release of the song, she posted several snaps on her Instagram. She also gave a few behind-the-scenes pictures on her Instagram. The 25-year-old shared the poster of Wild Side in which she was seen posing naked.


Normani naked

Normani was seen lying naked on her side while giving a view of her ample assets, toned stomach, and tiny waist. She bent her legs to cover her modesty, and her posture emphasized her toned, lovely legs and thighs. Her long hair and light makeup highlighted her naturally beautiful facial features as she closed her eyes while posing for the photo. Cardi B was also seen sitting at the back while showing off her sexy body and ample assets. They had their long black locks left loose to fall on her back and shoulder, and in the poster, their hair extensions were seen covering their tits and modesty. She used the caption, “7/15 9 pm PST! wild side ft. @iamcardib.”

Normani was also seen posing in a leopard print bodysuit; she leaned back while lounging on the seat of a helicopter. The straps of the bodysuit were removed from her shoulder, which gave her ample assets a slight lift while making them look defined. Her ample cleavage could be seen in the snap as she posed for the photo. She teamed up her bodysuit with matching knee-high boots, which emphasized her toned, long legs. Her thighs were on display as she posed for the picture. She wore a stylish hat on her head as her long locks were tied in a ponytail at the back.

The singer chose a glam makeup look with dark red lip color and pretty eye makeup, which added to her beauty.


Normani sexy

In one of the photos, she was seen tugging on her ponytail while seductively staring at the camera.

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Normani alluring figure

She also posed while placing her legs to her front, which showed off her toned legs and thick thighs. Her hairstyle and makeup look matched well to make her look sensational. She mentioned in the caption, “take me for a ride boy.”


Normani hot

She also gave a close-up view of her alluring figure as she posed for another shot. Normani was seen donning the same ensemble while leaning on the wall. The revealing top part of her bodysuit showed off her ample assets and smooth skin. Her pretty collar bone and lovely physique were highlighted by the skimpy bodysuit she wore. Her locks fell on her face to add to her beauty. She wore a hat on her head as she posed for the picture. Her makeup look and sultry glance at the camera made her look enthralling. She captioned the photo, “treat me like a watch, bust me down @bulgari #bzero1.”




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