On Air Billie Eilish Short With The Simpsons- When Billie Met Lisa


When Billie met Lisa- Billie Elish’s short has aired on Disney+ this Friday, in collaboration with the team of The Simpsons. It is known that Lisa would be playing saxophone alongside Billie Eilish.

The promotion for the same short has been shared on the official page of Instagram of Disney+. It’s wide following of 33M followers has been notified of the same. An animated cover is used as Disney+ shares the news.

With black hair and blacktop, with loads of accessories, one can identify the singer who’s singing with eyes closed in front of a microphone. Alongside her, one can see that Simpon’s middle child is displaying her skills, by playing the saxophone as she looks admirably at the singer.

The post was finalized with the caption which stated that Billie Eilish has finally arrived in Springfield. Tagging the Simpsons the team also said that the premiere of the shot has been aired.

The famous singer revealed to her followers last week on Instagram that she would be joining the team Simpsons. The picture even after warm publicization, received a cold response from the fan. There were comments questioning the making of the film, with people sharing reactions like why they even made it.

Going to length to say that no one asked for it. The youngest Coachella headliner is excited to work with the Simpsons team and also counts this as one of her most amazing experiences.

It is shown in the show how the young Lisa bumps into Billie and her brother as she looks for a perfect place to play her Saxophone. The pair of brother and sister eventually invited her to play with them. The youngest headliner wore a cool outfit for her stage performance.