On Issues With Forbes Too, Kanye Blames It For Underestimating His Net Worth

On Issues With Forbes Too, Kanye Blames It For Underestimating His Net Worth

Trust issues have developed between Kanye West and Forbes, as Forbes releases its Billionaires List this year. West is selected under the Forbes list of $2Billionaires, Kanye West says his original net worth of $7 billion is being portrayed falsely.

West claims that the figures reported in the magazine’s list are not true and other reports also say his net worth is more than the stated figure. The rapper is amongst many popular personalities whose names have been selected for the Forbes Billionaires List.

The Blast says that the rap singer has numerous business engagements, but the magazine’s standards do not stick to counting those assets which derive profits on a large scale. The only factor used to assess net worth is revenue from last year.

According to the Blast, West’s crew was made aware of the issue ahead of time and is dissatisfied with the way his worth was portrayed and put forward. Seems like Kanye’s calculation theory varies from West’s.

According to The Blast, in addition to his phenomenally established career as a rapper, he has many agreements with Adidas. He has another successful venture- Yeezy, as well as a major deal with Gap where he handles production and also assists in developing dress patterns.

In the first year only, the Yeezy Gap sales sky-rocketed, reaching a sale o $1billion. This year a new line- Yeezy Gap designed by Balenciaga would be launched According to The Blast, Kanye holds a modest share in his ex-partner Kim Kardashian’s shapewear firm Skims.

West state that The Blast is putting all efforts to downcast his image. By doing so they are even risking their profile, keeping a lot at stake. There have been such times before when there were issues with the Forbes, and Kanye expresses his disappointment.

Seems like none of them ever made up to each other. West texted Forbes, after they published his net worth long, taking the issue to a whole another level. The rapper gave the paperwork to the journal, providing them an ‘authentic numeric insight into Kanye, Inc.’ to validate the claim, according to the story.

However, according to the story, Kanye holds grudges against their research methods, adding that his worth is a lot more than they have calculated. He further texted them the actual amount, saying that its more than three billion dollars. Turns out according to west, the Forbes is a little weak at calculations, and he doesn’t seem to trust it.