Paige VanZant Poses In A Red Lingerie As She Flaunts Her Boobs And Booty (10 Pics)


The former UFC star is blessed with a nicely sculpted figure, and she does shy away from showing off her sensational figure. She looks good in anything she wears, and at the same time, she often poses in skimpy bikinis and lingerie sets as they can perfectly flaunt her sexy body and charming curves. She knows who to charm her followers. Recently she delivered some exclusive content in which she was seen posing in a red lingerie set. She was seen standing in her fitting room among the bundle of clothes as she showed off her eye-popping figure.


Paige wore a red bra top teamed up with a matching thong bottom. The top showed off her toned back as she posed with her back towards the camera. Her peachy derriere was highlighted by the thong bottom she wore. She stood with her legs spread apart, which showed off her long, toned legs. Her blond locks cascaded on her shoulder and back. The camera appreciated her charming body proportion as she stood while giving a view of her toned back.


She posed for another picture as she gave a frontal view. The triangle bra top appreciated her ample cleavage and radiant skin. The bottom had some thin strappy designs which hugged her waist. The ensemble appreciated her taut stomach and beautiful waist. Her toned, tall legs became prettier as the red bikini bottom appreciated her toned legs and thick thighs. Her long blond hair cascaded on her back as she placed her hands on both sides of the wall. She accessorized her look with a small diamond belly piercing which made her look appealing. She chose a no-makeup look which appreciated her beautiful facial features.

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Paige was also seen posing for a low-angle camera. The star let the camera capture her pretty side profile. The red top showed off her pretty side boobs and small waist. She placed her hands on her waist, which highlighted her small waist. She was also seen adjusting the straps of her bikini to give a better view of her gorgeous curves. She slightly arched her back while posing, and her gorgeous curves looked more defined. The thong bottom emphasized her peachy derriere and toned legs as she posed for the picture. Her hairstyle made her look tempting as she turned her head back to look at the camera. She looked stunning in the photos as the ensemble hugged her body to appreciate her sexy figure.





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