Paramount Confirms Dungeons And Dragons Movie


In order to close out the presentation, Paramount Pictures has confirmed many movies which is set to arrive in the next few years.

Chief among these confirmations was World War Z 2, the sequel to Brad Pitt’s World War Z (2013). This movie’s logo had flashed by during a montage of movies which are on Paramount’s schedule.

A Dungeons & Dragons films has also been promised. Joe Manganiello had revealed that he wanted to develop a movie and offered to team up with Brad Peyton.

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Another movie on the schedule is Coming 2 America and it had featured Eddie Murphy.

Micronauts (2020), Eli, Will Smith’s Gemini Man, which will return Tom Cruise and have Jerry Bruckheimer producing will also return. Sonic the Hedgehog movie (2019), a Terminator movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, Monster on the Hill, The Spongebob Movie: It’s A Wonderful Sponge, Luck, Rocketman, and “many new Star Trek” movies are on the schedule.

A lot of these release dates for the movies have not yet been revealed.


  1. Please dont let it suck. Most of the previous ones have sucked. Dont make the main character a kid of any kind. More like lord of the rings and less like Eragon and the other crappy ones. Treat it seriously and you will see success.