Paris And Christina Shared Smiles And Champagne As They Celebrated The Night

Paris And Christina Shared Smiles And Champagne As They Celebrated The Night

The celebrity duo- Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton was seen enjoying themselves as they were spotted together at the event night of the Daily Front Row Fashion Awards show. The girls were absolutely lost in themselves as they drank champagne together and had a fancy dinner.

The ladies, both 41 and blonde shared snaps from their fun time together on social media. Aguilera captioned their time together as -“Always a good time”, as she shared pictures with her followers. The duo twinned, as they donned all-black outfits and styled hair like lady bosses into a ponytail.

Women were wearing tops revealing their cleavages and were seen holding glasses of champagne. In glasses and wide smiles, the stars shared a good time. Shiny lip glosses added spark to their outfits and was light. Paris in a black blazer and Christina in a jet-black leather jacket and diamond necklaces set the evening to fire.

Earlier at the event, Christina was wearing a long green gown, which she changed after helping Paris straighten her hair into a high ponytail. Aguilera while posting made sure to make her caption wholesome reflecting all details about the event. She added two crowned emojis over blonde heads, as she shared images.

The video was also uploaded and we can hear “Sliving” loud and clear. Hilton formed the term combining- Slaying, killing it, and living your best life together. The star shows her perspective and creativity through this term. The posts gathered huge responses from the followers. The snaps attracted more than 40,000 likes.

The star has a massive following of 8.2 million and managed to gather huge attention as she celebrated a good time with the mother of two- Paris. There were obvious reasons for celebrations. Paris won the Fashion Entrepreneur Prize at the award night, as she launched her unique Tracksuit collection line.

Indeed, an important reason to get drunk with friends. The star was joined by her mother Kathy Hilton at the event night when Paris won the award for her creative and successful collection line. The 63-year-old mother showed her full support. The mother was also seen twinning with her daughter as she opted to keep her look all black adding a floral jacket to it.