Paris Hilton Poses For Some Halloween Shots In A Los Angeles Shore

Paris Hilton Poses For Some Halloween Shots In A Los Angeles Shore

With the ‘cancelation’ of Halloween owing to the coronavirus pandemic, many plans are going haywire. However, Paris Hilton kept her spooky spirit alive. She modeled for various sultry costumes and posted them on her social media profiles, with a caption, “What type of Halloween babe are you?” The socialite used Trashy Lingerie, a store in Los Angeles, as her runway.

Paris Hilton

She has also dressed up as Dorothy from the 1939 classic movie The Wizard of Oz. however, she chose to forgo Dorothy’s modesty and opted for a “stripped down version of the protagonist’s signature blue and white gingham dress.” The socialite also wore a sexy shirt collar choker with a lush lace petticoat and a strapless bustier dress. She opted for an individualistic gesture by donning a pair black, leather gloves.

Hilton also donned a skimpy top with a tie, a mini skirt and a cardigan that did a great job of accentuating her chest. Her hair was tied in a sleek ponytail as she posed in a blabk bunny outfit.

Finally, in the last outfit, Paris wore a skimpy form of some battle ready gear with shoulder pads and vlack leather. She posed in a fittingly tight bodice, with silver fabric flowing down her frame. She posted the picture with a caption, “How can we make Joan Of Arc hotter?”

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The socialite did not reveal which costume she ended up choosing. However, the heiress has always referred to herself as the Queen of Halloween. And it looks like she is leveling up to the hype.