Paris Hilton Sported A Silver Outfit For Grammys Which Made Her Look Hot And Sexy (11 Pics)

Paris Hilton Sported A Silver Outfit For Grammys Which Made Her Look Hot And Sexy

The American singer Paris Hilton is well known for her stunning physique and gorgeous looks. She knows how to charm her followers, which has helped her gain more than 14m followers on her Instagram. Grammys has always offered its red carpet to let the artists flex their gorgeous looks and style statements. Paris Hilton took no time to turn Grammys into a fashion week as she donned a pretty silver outfit. This was a remake of the 21st birthday outfit done by Julien McDonald.


Paris Hilton cleavage

The silver dress she wore featured a revealing neckline which showed off her ample cleavage and toned stomach. The bottom has some net-like panel designs that flaunted her tiny waist and toned legs. The top was topless to reveal her toned back. She wore silver color matching glasses and a scarf to complete her look. Her long blond hair fell on her back as she posed for the picture. She chose the glam side of the makeup palette featuring pretty eye makeup with eyelash extensions and a light lip color. She paired her look with silver heels. Her dress helped her to create an optical illusion of being topless.


Paris Hilton peachy posterior

In one of the pictures, she gave a full view of her sexy body. As she stood with her back towards the camera, her peachy posterior was highlighted by her dress. Her toned back and nicely sculpted figure added to her beauty.

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Paris Hilton slender legs

As she stood on the staircase while posing, the dress flexed her toned, slender legs. She flashed a charming smile while posing for the photos, which brightened up the frames. This year Grammy was star-studded as usual and earned almost 12M viewers. They got Harry Styles, BTS, Cardi B as their performers who are celebrated by fans worldwide.





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