Pauline Posts Sexy Images On her Instagram Which Charm The Netizens (12 Pics)

Pauline Posts Sexy Images On her Instagram Which Charm The Netizens

Pauline Tantot, the social media influencer, is best-known for her tantalizing curves, and she never shies away from showing it off. Her Instagram account is filled with seductive images as she often models sexy outfits, lingerie, bikinis. Recently, she posted a nude shot that almost broke the internet.


Pauline inside the bathroom

In the snap, Pauline was seen posing from inside the bathroom. The wet and foggy glass wall could not prominently reveal the model’s enviable figure. A semi-blurred silhouette is all that could be seen. Even in that image, the model looked sexy as her hourglass figure, and pretty body statistics could be easily deciphered from it.

She stuck her butt to the glass wall, which highlighted her peachy bottom. Her hair was probably tied in a bun, as can be guessed from the hazy photo. She used the caption, “I’m back.”


Pauline naked

A few days ago, Pauline shared another image in which she was seen posing naked while holding her drink. She sat on a fluffy, white towel, which partially covered her modesty. Her ample assets were covered by her palm as she looked at the camera. Her sitting posture flexed her stunning curves. She picked a light makeup look for the shoot, and her blond locks were left loose to fall on her shoulder.

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Pauline sexy figure

In another image, she was seen flaunting her sexy figure while bending her waist a bit and enjoying her drink. She captioned the picture, “welcome back to Paris baby.”


Pauline standing naked

The social media star posted an image in which she was seen standing naked against the blue backdrop of sea and sky meeting together. A low-light shot was used to show off her mesmerizing figure. She covered her tits with her hand while posing. Her pert derriere could be seen in the image as she posed with her back towards the camera. She captioned the photo, “morning in Dubaï.”




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