Princess Leia Is With Mark Hamill At All Times


Actors, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher have had a friendship for many years. The Star Wars actors were close friends and shared a bond until Carrie’s death in 2016. In a recent coincidence — which Mark is asserting is not a coincidence, the actor had checked into a hotel room and spotted a painting which closely resembles Carrie’s Princess Leia.

In his tweet, Mark had shared a few pictures of himself with this painting and wrote,

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“Look who I found looking over my shoulder in a painting on the wall of my London hotel room.”

He added a hashtag as well, “#AlwaysWithMe.”

The actor had very recently memorialized a one-year anniversary of Carrie’s death with a touching tweet. Along with many pictures of the actress, he quoted a line from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, “No one’s ever really gone,” which was said by Carrie in this film.