15 Hilarious But Rare Behind The Scenes Pictures From All The Batman Movies


Although Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who always gets to double as a superhero as well, the audiences have been empathetic towards this character. Most people feel sorry for this guy as his entire life has been shrouded in death, loss and even defeat. With his fan base, it is not a wonder that the audiences have taken to him very strongly. The Dark Knight really knows how to lasso in a huge crowd.

With the films, Batman has been a guaranteed a sure shot money-maker for most studios, which is exactly why we all see so much of this character.

But, what would happen when we actually take a look behind the movie-making? Here are a few rare BTS images from Batman movies:

15. Batman Behind-The-Scenes


14. Joking Around

13. Dr. Seuss’ Classic ‘One Face, Two Face’

12. Bane’s Body


11. When You’re Really Afraid Of Heights

10. ‘Hey Guys, Look At How Real This Bat Looks.’

9. Back-Breaking Buds

8. Clownin’ Around


7. Tangled Up

6. How To Be Scary 101

5. The Dark Knight Rises… With A Lot Of Help

4. When Gotham City Is A Green Screen


3. Frozen

2. LOL I Hate You

1. ‘Batman, Guess My Favorite Color’