Red Sonja Reboot Movie – 10 Actresses Who Could Be The New Red Sonja

Red Sonja Reboot Movie
Red Sonja Reboot Movie

Red Sonja Reboot movie is inevitable; it’s going to happen, and according to the latest information. Red Sonja is at a fast track cycle under Millennium films production house. We all know that Red Sonja movie could be a fantastic success if it’s done right, who doesn’t want to see a bad-ass, red-hair, scantily clad metal bikini donning heroine destroying giants, monsters, and evil men? It may sound easy, and most of the people remember Red Sonja as a massive blockbuster hit when it was released in 1985, but it was NOT!

In fact, it received abysmal reception at the box office, and it was reprimanded brutally by the critics.  However, as the time passed by, it started to grow on people, and everybody got their fix for Conan’s prehistoric Hyborian World via Red Sonja. Moreover, Marvel Comics dealt with the character more appropriately in the comic books, and even though Red Sonja wore an almost non-existential metal bikini that got her on the first place of  “Comic Book Buyers list of 100 Sexiest Comic Book characters of all time” there are quite a lot of her stories that really good and demand a big screen adaptation.

Red Sonja Hot Pictures

And to be honest, Red Sonja’s Sexiness could be a significant problem for the Directors and Producers to deal with, considering the times we are living in (Where everyone gets offended by everything) but there is a solution to that, and we will discuss it in more detail later in the article. Let’s dive deeper into the answer to the bigger question, why the hell we still don’t have the Red Sonja reboot movie yet?

Everything You Need To Know About Red Sonja Reboot Production Status.

The well-known talented and experienced director Robert Rodriguez wanted to make a fantastic, massive budget Red Sonja Remake with her then-girlfriend Rose McGowan. They even released some epic posters as you can see them below.

Red Sonja Remake
Red Sonja Robert Rodriguez Version 2009
Red Sonja Reboot poster
Red Sonja Reboot Art Work Looks Like The One From Movie 300
Red Sonja Reboot R Rated
Red Sonja Reboot Could Have Been “R” Rated

The posters clearly show that Robert Rodriguez had a great idea for Red Sonja, he wanted to make her gritty and sexy at the same time keeping the best elements of her character intact. But, Rose McGowan and Robert got Split, which pushed him to perish the project entirely.

The second attempt with Red Sonya was made again when 2011’s Conan movie was being produced with Jason Momoa as the lead. The producers at Millenium Films had already planned a Red Sonja Reboot after the first Conan Movie. A lot of fans were excited to see Jason in the lead role, and the trailer looked promising, but the movie was a disaster. It fell flat on its face, and even Jason’s Epic looks and performance couldn’t save this sinking ship. After Conan reboot proved to be a dud, all the plans related to Red Sonja were also dismantled, and the project once again went into Limbo.

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The third attempt is being made right now, once again by Millenium films who are trying to hop on the back of Wonder Woman’s spectacular success and create something on the same lines. Obviously, Red Sonja is a different character, she is not a beacon of hope in this world like WW, she lives in a ruthless world, her home was destroyed, and brutal warriors of her time raped her. Millennium Media is bringing in the team of Producers like Avi Lerner And Joe Gatta to create a Red Sonja movie that is best suited for the modern times and at the same time also pays nostalgic homage to the original film.

Currently, the production house in search of a perfect writer who can pull off Red Sonja’s character just the way viewers want to see her in the theaters. It was reported that film is on the fast track and this could be both good and a bad thing. Because Avi Lerner is so haphazardly trying to recreate the magic of Wonder Woman in Red Sonja that it can undoubtedly backfire because Wonder Woman had a lot of factors backing up and luckily everything fell in the right places, which may or may not be possible for Red Sonja. Hence, the creators should tread carefully.

10 Actress Who We Feel Could Be A Perfect Fit For Red Sonja Reboot

Getting the right actor playing the already existing character is very important because the fans always have someone in their mind who looks just like their favorite character. But those choices are not always right, as the actor may seem like the part, but he/she may not have the acting chops required to create the impact.

Red Sonja has a particular personality, she had a traumatic past, and she is an influential person as well,  she will be most certainly going to be gritty and unforgiving in the movie, therefore we need actresses who can carry such role with grace. Plus, the creators will have to take care of the sexuality aspect of Red Sonja’s Character, as that has been a significant part of this franchise right from the beginning. It cannot be eliminated and it cannot be overdone. For this specific thing, they need to take personal lessons from Patty Jenkins and the Team of Wonder Woman. They did the best job in the world of maintaining a fantastic equilibrium between Gal Gadot’s Sexuality and her undeterred personality in creating Wonder Woman.

We have created a list of actresses who have the looks and acting abilities to be the main lead in Red Sonja Remake, and we are quite sure that if the producers can hire one of these actresses to play the titular role, at least fans won’t throw rotten tomatoes at them like they are doing for Han Solo movie, here is the Red Sonja Reboot actress list:-

Alexandra Daddario

She is a hidden gem that Marvel or DC movies haven’t touched yet, but she won’t be untouched for long, because this girl has the looks and brains to be the next major Superheroine or Supervillain character on the big screen. Producers should grab her for the role of Red Sonja before her face gets selected for some other epic role.

Megan Fox

She is a goddess in real life and packs a massive fan following across the globe. Plus her acting abilities have significantly improved from past few years. Avi Lerner should at least reach out to her and see if Megan wants to be the next Red Sonja on the silver-screen because a lot of people would just buy the tickets to see her rocking the metal bikini in the film.

Sophie Turner

Sophie is already playing a well-known character in X-Men movies as Jean Grey. However, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t pick up the mantle of Red Sonja. Sophie Turner has the perfect face and the talents to portray a fresh version of our scantily clad pre-historic heroine. She has already proven her acting capabilities in Game Of Thrones and X-Men films, plus she is a natural red-head. Talk to her Millennium Films!

Amber Heard

Amber Heard is born to play Red Sonja. Period. If these guys can get her to play the role. Half of the job is done. Yes, we are that confident. And they were a lot of talks to bring her in as Red Sonja in the upcoming remake. That’s good. Get her people! By the way, she is also playing the role of Mera in the forthcoming  Aquaman movie next to Jason Momoa, and she is looking neat.

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan has perfect physique to nail the role, and she has already proven her skills in Doctor Who, Nebula in Marvel movies And Jumanji. She is a big screen material, and if you talk about her dedication, she got completely bald for the role of Nebula in Guardians Of the Galaxy. Yeah, this chick is a real-badass in real life too. She can pick up Red Sonja’s sword any day in our opinion.

Daisy Ridley

Well, what to say about her! She is REY in Star Wars. We will not even talk about her acting, but yeah, in the looks department, she may get good competition from other actresses specifically for the role of the Red Sonja.

Jennifer Lawrence

She packs a grand fan following and she got the looks too. Jennifer Lawrence has done pretty much all kind of roles in her life, be it serious, gritty or funny. She is a versatile actress, and she could be an excellent pick for playing Red Sonja.

Elizabeth Olsen

The Scarlet Witch from Marvel movies ticks all the checkboxes to be the next Red Sonja, but the only thing is that she doesn’t have a lot of films under her belt to bring her in for such an iconic role. But if we go by her skill set that she has displayed in the Marvel movies, it’s a “go” for us.

Bella Thorne

This is a fairly risky choice. But! Here us out, there could be great rewards too. Bella has done most of the work in the TV industry, and she did pretty well. Unmistakably her roles in Television series do not suit our requirements, because Red Sonja is going to be this masculine, insane, vicious character but this lady looks A LOT like the actual character in the comic books, and she has a wild side to her personality as well, which can only be seen in her real life photos especially in her clothing selection! Yep, her fashion sense lies right next to Lady Gaga in some cases. She is a bold woman in real life, and Bella gets proper guidance she can channel originality and ruggedness in the role easily as Red Sonja.