Robin And Wonder Girl Boned Each Other On Superboy’s Dead Body Juice, Here’s How It Happened.


This is a story which took place a year after the heart-breaking death of Superboy, who not only happened to be Robin’s best pal but, also the boyfriend of Wonder Girl. Since this is a comic book story, Robin tries to address his pain by trying to create a clone of Superboy in the basement.

Sadly, it didn’t do, and after he failed to revive his late friend, Robin slammed his clone jar in a furious outburst or rage. The jar broke and green cellular Superboy clone liquid spilled all around.


Robin had been carrying out his experiments in absolute secrecy, so when Wonder Girl arrived on the scene to find out what was all that glass smashing noise about, she found Robin trying to recreate her dead lover from remains of fingernails and other such stuff. She proceeded to give him an earful for behaving crazy and then the tears well up.

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Next thing you know, the duo share a frenzied lip-lock, discovering the solace that they so badly wanted to tide over the loss of their beloved. They sink to the floor.

The two then share a passionate kiss, finding the comfort they so desperately need to cope with the loss of their friend. They collapse to the floor:

Yes, that very floor. The floor which has a huge puddle of the discarded remains of the guy that they are grieving about. And yes, that liquid is very much there, only moments ago, Robin was seen with his fingers dripping in that slime, the fingers that he runs through Wonder Girl’s hair.


It’s not as if they are mindless of what that slime is and still they go on doing their stuff, letting their clothes get drenched with the Superboy slime while they devour each other’s faces and body. One wonders if Superboy had once made a wish about a passionate threesome with some wicked genie.