Salma Hayek Mesmerizes Fans As She Offers A Sexy Gypsy Girl Look (8 Pics)


Salma Hayek, the American-Mexican actress, has always been praised for her sexy look. She has impressive body proportions. Undoubtedly, Salma fits in any character that features sensuous charms. She appeared on the show “Bet that…?” in Nuremberg, Germany, in 2008. The sexy gypsy look that she created will remain forever iconic.


Salma Hayek white top

The white top of her dress had sheer sleeves and plunging necklines. The low cut dress showed off her ample cleavage. She graced the set while flaunting her assets.


Salma Hayek brown skirt and a black apron

She paired her top with a brown skirt and a black apron-like cloth. The actress had a small piece of jewelry attached to her top.

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Salma Hayek black heel shoes

She teamed up the sexy outfit with a pair of black heel shoes. She accessorized her look with a gorgeous black choker. Her black locks were tied in braids that had two red ribbons put at the end. To match her sexy look, a chic makeup palette was used.


Salma Hayek sexy outfit

Her sharp facial features looked more defined with a generous amount of blusher and red lip color.


Salma Hayek danced around the stage

Salma danced around the stage and showed off her feminine charms in the sexy dress. Anybody will accept that her gypsy look was taking out the sexy diva in her.


Salma Hayek smiling throughout the show

Her expressions have always been superior. She was smiling throughout the show. These beautiful moments of the show are nothing lesser than a boon for the audience.


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