35 Savage Hela Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Marvel Cinematic Universe is the dominating force on the box office, and right from the time it debuted ten years ago with Iron-Man, the shared cinematic universe based on Marvel comic books has never looked back. A great deal of that success is courtesy the fantastic character development and casting decisions. If we look objectively, most of the characters that we have seen in Marvel Cinematic Universe so far whether it is Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America or the Guardians of the Galaxy are nothing more than B or C level in terms of comic book reputation, especially when compared with their rival DC. DC has an enviable line-up of characters some of which have a history dating as far back as our parents or grandparents, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder-Woman, and others. Yet they couldn’t really regale the audiences the way the perfectly curated Marvel characters have done. One such character is ‘Hela’ the Goddess of Death who debuted fantastically in last year’s Thor: Ragnarok.

While the character has its origins in the Marvel Comics, but, it is the big screen depiction which Marvel nailed perfectly. First of all, when they roped in the highly talented Oscar Winner Cate Blanchett. The gorgeous actress displayed every single element required to superbly depict the character of a stylish and deadly female villain who is as ruthless as they come. However, as is the case with everything that becomes popular in pop culture, Hela also became the darling of meme makers. While the character was heartless and all about brutal destruction on the big screen, the meme-makers have spotted a funny side to it and exploited it to the hilt as is evident in this collection of extremely funny Hela memes. Go ahead and have a hearty laugh!

1. Kneel!

2. Haha!

3. Ohh Yeah!!

4. He Wants His Look Back!

5. Bitchin!

6. Who The Hela is Bucky!

7. Poor Thor!

8. Oops!

9. Awesome!

10. Really!

11. Freshman Year Vs Senior Year!

12. ”Fight Me” Move!

13. Amazing!

14. Asgard is Dead!

15. Dark Eyeshadow!

16. Oops!

17. MCU Villain!

18. Totally!

19. That’s Exactly!

20. Hehe!

21. Oh… I See!

22. Hoo Yeah!

23. Nooo!

24. That Wasn’t a Challenge!

25. Wait, What!

26. The Neck Family!

27. Actually, Thor is Odd One Out!

28. Crazy Siblings!

29. LOL!

30. Reality!

31. Not Again!

32. Oh, Noo!

33. Let’s Go!

34. His Taco!

35. ROFL!