15 Scarlet Witch Memes That Will You Laugh Way Too Hard


Scarlet Witch was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, even though viewers were not so positive about her character at first, the creators gave her a better role in Civil War.

In fact, she became the initiation point of the massive Civil War. Now, Scarlet has become an essential member of the team plus she managed to develop her own little fan base as well.

Scarlet Witch is played by Elizabeth Olsen, who is a gorgeous actress and she did a decent job with her role in MCU as well. We are not blaming her for the bland Scarlet Witch we got in Age Of Ultron, to be honest, she is too damn pretty and cute to blame anything on her. It was all because of the sloppy writing was done by writers!

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But yeah, she did had some insanely weird scenes as Scarlet Witch in the Marvel films plus she is in a messed up relationship with an Android (Vision), that pretty much sets her up for some Internet Meme Wizardry.

Our creative Internet peepz created funniest memes around her enchanting persona, and we were able to grab the best of Scarlet Witch memes developed around her. Here they are, have fun people:-

That’s Right!

Admit It!



Street Corner!

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Ohh Yeah!

That Moment!



The Conversation!

Poor Wanda!

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He’s Fast, She’s Weird!



Who Would Win!


She Got Him!

She Loves Robots!

Civil War Chat!

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Oh No!




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On Set!

What The Hell Is A Mutant!


Witches Love Paprika!

The Realisation!