15 Scenes From DC Animated Series That Made Even Adults A Bit Uncomfortable.


Do you believe that cartoons are only for children? If yes, then you are wrong.  Animation provides a much bigger scale for stories to evolve than the live-action. The animation is often mistaken to be kid-stuff, but, these stories have a lot of extreme adult-oriented themes too. They add that extra to relationships, and then most of DC animated films are anyway viewed by more grown-ups than kids. It is not that they are X-rated, but, many of them get an R-rating. Here are 15 such indecent moments from DC animated films.

15. Harley Quinn and Deadshot

Harley Queen is a tough lady with wild tastes who in Assault On Arkham jumped naked into the bed with Deadshot. After some initial reluctance,  Deadshot gets into the game, and they had a rough fun time all over the room.


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14. Steve Trevor’s advances

In the animated Wonder Woman film, he tries to get Diana drunk, but, after several rounds of Tequila, he is not able to hold himself, while she is sober. He makes a move, but, she made him fall flat literally.


13. Dark Knight discovers Wonder Woman

At one point in The Dark Knight Returns, Batman was out searching for Selina Kyle who was abducted by Joker. He made her dress in a cleavage showing Wonder Woman costume which was quite insulting, but, the Batman was relieved that the Joker didn’t harm her physically.


12. Nightwing is good at his job

Nightwing is in a long-term relationship with Starfire in the DC’s animated films and in The Judas Contract, we saw Starfire brag about Nightwing’s prowess in bed.


11. Batwoman plays tricks.

During Batman: Bad Blood, Batman is missing, and Kathy Kane takes over the mantle of Batwoman and starts working in tandem with Dick Grayson to find where has Bruce gone. That’s when she told Dick that she had a terrible past of casual affairs and drugs, and it was the Batman who saved her from goons.


10. Nightwing watches Harley

In the film Batman and Harley Quinn, there is a scene where Dick Grayson wakes up to find himself tied to the bed with Harley stripping in front of him. The movie gave a good view to the audiences, and it was obvious that Nightwing was quite excited to see the show.


9. The Joker faces off with Barbara Gordon

On one occasion, the Joker shot Barbara through the stomach and stripped off her clothes. While it is not shown, but, the implication is that he further assaulted her. The popularity of Batgirl made a lot of fans feel outraged to see her go through such depraved torture of the Joker.

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8. Naked Killer Frost breaks into Arkham  

The Suicide Squad was tasked to retrieve The Riddler’s thumb drive from Arkham Asylum, but, they had to try an out of the box way to enter the high-security asylum. Killer Frost gets naked, and it is her extremely low body temperature that gets her through devoid of her costume. Captain Boomerang sees it all and gets punched at the place where it hurt him the most.


7. Starfire and Robin

In the film “The Judas Contract,” Starfire meets Teen Titans and being an alien, she couldn’t understand their languages and decides to learn it. Before anyone could react, she straddled Robin and kissed him passionately. While the other Titans also suggested to her that they could teach her some more languages, she had hots only for Nightwing then on.


6. Robin battles Bruno  

While The Dark Knight Returns is considered to be one of the best comic books ever, the film is also entertaining although a bit odd to see in animation. There is a female villain Bruno who remains topless with huge red swastikas on her chest, and it was awkward seeing Robin fight a bare-chested woman.


5. A pass is made at Harley at work  

Nightwing visits a bar named Superbabes in Batman and Harley Quinn, and the waitresses in that bar wear highly revealing superhero costumes. One of them is Harley, and when a man tries touching her without her approval, she snaps his arm. Lesson well taught.


4. Deathstroke and Terra

In The Judas Contract, Terra is sleeping with Deathstroke, and she is under the belief that their relationship was genuine. However, she appeared to be just a teenager and Slade was a much older man. She is seen seducing him in pink nightwear as well.


3. Aquaman had an affair with Wonder Woman

The Flashpoint Paradox is regarded as one of the best DC animated films ever, and it has a great story wherein we also see Aquaman having an affair with Wonder Woman. His wife Mera walked in on them during a moment of intimacy and was later beheaded by Wonder Woman.


2. Harley and Nightwing     

After tying Nightwing to bed and changing in front of him, Harley noticed that he got excited and she seduced the youngster. Batman reaches the door of her apartment and the noises he heard made it clear that the duo was having a great time. It is left to your imagination to figure out the rest.


1. Batgirl and Batman had a rooftop rendezvous    

While initially, Batman didn’t think Batgirl was capable of being a vigilante, but, later when she had an argument with him, the duo ended up getting cozy on a rooftop and Batgirl getting on top of the Dark Knight. The fact that Bruce was much older than Batgirl, this intimate scene between the two became controversial.