Top 108 Sexiest WWE Divas Of All Time – 2020

Sexiest WWE Divas

Last Updated: June 16, 2020

There have been a few women who have included on WWE programming over the span of late years. We’ve seen noxious boss, hot valets, brave behind the stage examiners and bewildering entertainers. In the late nineties, they were never again alluded to similarly as women, they became Divas. They had their own division, titles and storylines.

Each fan seemed to have their top decision. In spite of the way that the articulation Diva is really new for WWE, the dedication of women to the association restores significantly further. This overview explores the best women entertainers and characters in WWE since the beginning of the Wrestle Mania period.

This is only for a woman’s responsibility only to the WWE. So recall, a couple of women included here may not be situated as high as they would be on an unmatched most significant overview. The criteria for the situating relies upon a mix of how the officials pushed them, their essentialness to the association, their universality and their in-ring limits.

Divas were the best intend to come to capable wrestling since security fencing ropes. For those of you who don’t have the foggiest thought, Divas is the female division of the WWE. The recipe for progress is clear. Men love women. Women love women. Put women in the ring. It was that direct. By and by the WWE Diva division is frantically notable. Here are the primary 108 of the most great, shocking and butt-kicking women in WWE history.

1. AJ Lee

AJ Lee is a fan most loved who has since resigned to turn into an essayist. we’d love to get her book, for the most part since we heard there were a few pictures in it. In the event that there’s one thing the world needs a greater amount of it is photos of AJ Lee. She frequently played an intellectually unsteady character which just added to her hotness. There’s something hot about an insane chick. It’s a similar way that ladies love terrible young men who despite everything love on their mom’s sofa.

AJ Lee

2. Aksana

In the event that we ever need to open a container of pickles, the principal individual we’re going to is Aksana. She is a provocative lady assembled like a mack truck in the event that we’ve at any point seen one. It’s not amazing considering she begun working out at sixteen years old in Lithuania. We feel like weight training in Lithuania is all the more unpleasant and intense. Weight training in the United States seems like a ton of carb including and tuning in to web recordings in an Equinox. Lithuanians most likely lift mortar shells and hoards.


3. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella is one portion of the Bella Twins, my preferred Divas in all of Diva history. They are sweet and have an extraordinary affinity with one another. An incredible sister affinity implies a great deal of intriguing contentions. Twins realize one another superior to anybody, with the goal that makes for some incredible battles. In case you’re a twin you generally realize what to raise to poke at the other individual, much more so than a typical sibling and sister combo.

Nikki Bella

4. Paige

Paige is marvelous in light of the fact that she’s been wrestling each since she was thirteen. Her folks had their own one of a kind wrestling association and let her wrestle in it as Britani Knight. Paige is from the UK which gives her some extra hot focuses, however then she hits you with this punk/goth look that gives her much increasingly attractive focuses. Over all that, she’s an incredible Wrestler. She’s prevailed upon a few unique titles all the wrestling scene, WWE included. She’s such a chief, that currently she’s the head supervisor of Smackdown.


5. Rebecca

Rebecca Quin is an Irish expert Wrestler. She is right now marked to WWE on the Raw brand under the ring name Becky Lynch, where she is the present Raw Women’s Champion in her first rule and the longest supreme hero. Quin started preparing as an expert Wrestler in June 2002.


6. Renee Young

Renee Young is a Canadian wrestler. Canada continues giving us hits. Renee Young, Drake, the idea of widespread social insurance. Canada needs to continue sending us their stuff. We’re not going to be content until we see the same number of poutine cafes as there are froyo places. Truly, poutine may be superior to Drake. So far Renee Young hasn’t ventured into the ring to battle, yet we’reok with that. Not every person in the WWE ought to be over and over punched and hit with seats. She’s an on-screen character and questioner, doing behind the stage stuff for RAW and Smackdown.

Renee Young

7. Amy Weber

Amy Marie Weber is an American entertainer, model, film maker, vocalist, and previous expert wrestling valet. Amy Weber is most popular for her time in WWE as a WWE Diva. Amy Weber discharged a collection, Let it Rain, the main single for which remained in the United States Bulletin Chart for longer than a month.

Amy Weber

8. Ariel

Ariel is an expert Wrestler and valet most popular for contending in WWE, where she depicted a villainess. Ariel appeared in WWE’s ECW image on June 20, 2006 as a strange tarot card peruser, however it was subsequent to doing a meeting with Kevin Thorn that Ariel built up herself as a villainess, turning into a vampiress and filling in as Thorn’s valet. Ariel additionally contended in the ring, making her WWE in-ring debut in an Outrageous Catfight against ECW unique Francine, which finished in a no challenge. She additionally quarreled with Divas, for example, Trinity and Kelly, which included crushing the last in a blended label group coordinate at December to Dismember. Nonetheless, after seven days on ECW, Ariel was vanquished by Kelly in singles activity.


9. Ashley

WWE appeared to have enormous things at the top of the priority list for Ashley Massarobefore she abandoned the game. In the wake of winning the Diva Search challenge, she joined the program as a babyface. During her time, she oversaw Kendrik and London and went head to head against any semblance of Torrie Wilson and Mickie James. Before long, Massaro was pushed as one of the top ladies in the organization. She additionally connected past the wrestling scene as she postured for the front of Playboy and turned into a cast part on Survivor. Massaro’s greatest match during her residency in WWE was her taken shots at the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania XXIII against Melina.


10. Becky Lynch

Conceived and raised in Ireland, she nearby her kin got enthused about wrestling since puberty. Starting with Ireland, she dared to the most distant corners of the planet checking out various titles. Her tale wrestling aptitudes, adaptability and confirmation made her ‘Existence Queens of Champion’ and SuperGirl Wrestling Champion. Quin won the presentation crown of Smack Down Women’s Champion at Kickback 2016 by winning Six-pack Elimination Challenge. Becky Lynch is genuinely a stunningly graceless woman and we trust Becky Lynch boobs pictures and Becky Lynch butt pictures are evidence of that.

Becky Lynch

11. Lana

On the Total Divas Show, Lana is an all-out pot stirrer. It’s both extraordinary and ghastly simultaneously. She can make minutes that are genuinely cringe worthy thinking of it as’ unscripted television, yet then you recollect such its life television. Unscripted television isn’t reality. It’s simply ordinary television that they chose to call unscripted television to fool every one of us into believing we’re not as fascinating or extraordinary as others. On the off chance that you can remember all that, at that point Lana is completely diverting in the show.


12. Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix is a flat out supervisor in the WWE world. She’s the most Young lady to be drafted into the WWE Hall of Fame after her retirement and now colors discourse at times. She’s additionally part of a wrestling administration. Her significant other, all things considered, is celebrated performer Edge who is additionally in the WWE Hall of Fame. They should be hopeless during couple’s down evenings. During her time she was predominant to the point that they called her The Glamazon. She looks like somebody who has a place in the cast of Wonder Woman.

Beth Phoenix

13. Brie Bella

In 2008, Brie Bella first appeared in the WWE. Be that as it may, something odd was occurring. Each match she’d move under the ring. She’d at that point develop and Hulk up as though she wasn’t contending by any stretch of the imagination. What’s more, she hadn’t, as it was her sister Nikki who was having her spot. In the long run her rivals made sense of this bit. Some way or another the arbitrators despite everything haven’t, as they’ve been pulling that stunt for over five years.

Brie Bella

14. Brooke

Before Brooke Tessmacher entered the universe of expert wrestling, she was a model and event sovereign. Her most remarkable event is one that we are for the most part exceptionally acquainted with: Miss Hooters. What got her into wrestling was her operator revealing to her that she was unreasonably solid for exhibitions.


15. Kaitlyn

Watching Kaitlyn give AJ Lee a lance is a wonderful thing. Christian could take in some things from it. Kaitlyn is simply beginning in her WWE profession, however it’s as of now looking strong so far. Kaitlyn caught the Divas title from Eve Torres, which adequately resigned her, and had a decent five-month run before dropping it to her old companion and previous Chickbuster accomplice Lee. From that point forward, Kaitlyn has taken somewhat of a secondary lounge in the Divas division conceivably because of her absence of association on Total Divas, however anticipate that she should be one of the top essences of the division for the following not many years.


16. Cameron

Ariane Nicole Andrew is an American on-screen character, artist, model, artist and expert performer most popular for her time in WWE under the ring name Cameron – abbreviated from Cameron Lynn. Under her genuine name, Ariane joined the 2011 period of Tough Enough where she was the primary contender dispensed with.


17. Candice Michelle

Candice MIchelle was known for having a great deal of hot portion in the Smack down and Raw. In the event that you have a mallet, you use it to pound things. On the off chance that you have a hot lady, you client her to do attractive things. Possibly that is somewhat misogynist, it unquestionably is, yet we’re just talking regarding the WWE, which truly had lingerie limbo challenges on their shows. It’s not the most woke association, so we’re not making a decision about them on that. Quite a while back Candice Michelle had a storyline where she was Vince McMahon’s sex slave. You wonder how these things get cleared for TV.

Candice Michelle

18. Carmella DeCesare

Carmella DeCesare got clear after she applied to a Fox unscripted TV dramatization Who Wants to Be a Playboy Centerfold search. After she was picked as a finalist, she pulled once more from the test because of reconsidering the endeavor. Right when Playboy distributer Hugh Hefner took right now, her to his birthday festivity and convinced her to modify her viewpoint.

Carmella DeCesare

19. Charlotte

Charlotte Flair is an American master Wrestler, maker, and performer, who is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion. She is a second-age Wrestler in her family. Her father, Ric Flair, is known as outstanding amongst other capable Wrestlers. She was imagined in North Carolina, to Ric and his then-life partner, Elizabeth. Having an acclaimed Wrestler as her father had no uncommon effect in travel she required her occupation to get serious.


20. Stephanie McMahon

You can’t talk ladies in wrestling without discussing Stephanie McMahon. She’s the little girl of Vince McMahon, the proprietor of the organization. You need to cherish the McMahon family. They’ve propped the WWE up for quite a long time on the business level, however they’ve additionally kept the diversion factor up by throwing themselves. Indeed, even Stephanie McMahon’s mother has been in the ring a lot of times getting beat up. We can’t envision what their Thanksgiving suppers resemble. On the off chance that you ever go to their Thanksgiving and their lone seats are steel seats, at that point you better leave.

Stephanie McMahon

21. Christy Hemme

Christy Hemme is another model turned WWE diva. She won the Diva search, getting $250k and a one year contract, much like different Divas who broke in through the inquiry. That doesn’t seem like a terrible vocation direction. Christy Hemme was not just a Diva in the WWE, she was a ring broadcaster for TNA. That is the fantasy work. You go into the ring and read from a card, at that point leave. It’s simpler than the various employments, regardless of whether that be official or snack bar.

Christy Hemme

22. Chyna

Had Chyna’s own evil spirits and behind the stage inconveniences not meddled with her vocation, she could have been the best Diva of all. Chyna joined the WWF in 1996 nearby her genuine sweetheart Triple H. Together they helped structure a gathering of maverick fugitives known as D-Generation X. She was an imperative piece of the gathering’s defiant counterculture and fit in superbly. Chyna indicated that she was never reluctant to get included. She was intense, effectively incited and didn’t mull over handing out a mean low blow. Other than her effective run in DX, Chyna was associated with other critical quarrels with Chris Jericho and Jeff Jarrett. She additionally flaunted her sentimental side in an engaging relationship with Eddie Guerrero.


23. Courtney Taylor

Beverly Mullins is an American model, proficient performer and valet, better known by her ring names Wesley Holliday and Courtney Taylor, who was marked to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and performed on its ECW image as a behind the stage questioner.

Courtney Taylor

24. Dawn Marie

Marie was mysteriously pulled in to Wilson’s dad Al, which didn’t please Torrie by any means. In a peculiar storyline, even by expert wrestling models, she turned into Wilson’s malevolent stepmother. The unscrupulous off in the sole stepdaughter versus stepmother coordinate in organization history. The great occasions didn’t keep going long for Marie as Al wound up biting the dust on their special night. It was horribly marvelous TV. The remainder of her run was to a great extent forgettable as she quickly fought with Miss Jackie over Charlie Haas. Truly, when you have a catfight at your better half’s memorial service with his girl, there’s no place else to go. In a last low pass up the WWE, they discharged Marie while she was on maternity leave.

Dawn Marie

25. Debra

After a run in WCW, Debra rose to unmistakable quality during the Attitude Era in the WWF as Jeff Jarrett’s supervisor. During his matches, she really wanted to remain on the ring cover and unfasten her pullover. This was very diverting for his rivals and for the male watchers the same. Jarrett and she had an unpredictable relationship. Jeff was out and out harsh on occasion. She stayed close by however, and alongside Owen Hart, the trio were a mainstream part of the midcard. Despite the fact that McMichael was a heel, the fans adored her. Jerry Lawler, particularly, took a sparkle and authored the Doggies expression, which, for more Youngperusers, alluded to her bosoms. Fans the nation over recited – We need doggies at whatever point she showed up in the field. It stays one of the most characterizing serenades of the time.


26. Eden

It’s sheltered to state that Eden grew up with an enormous bug for diversion. For whatever length of time that she can recall, this skilled character needed to work in TV. A previous nearby journalist and stay, Eden in the long run moved to Miami to seek after the universe of demonstrating and acting. In the wake of being highlighted in national advertisements for Budweiser and KFC just as Maxim Magazine, she seized the opportunity to join WWE as a commentator.


27. Emma

Emma TenilleAveril Dashwood is an Australian expert Wrestler. She is at present marked to Impact Wrestling under her genuine name and furthermore contends on the autonomous circuit. Dashwood is most popular for her time in WWE under the ring name Emma from 2012 to 2017.


28. Eva Marie

Natalie Marie Coyle also called Eva Marie is an American on-screen character, model, style fashioner and a master Wrestler. Comprehended for her red spilling hair and her on screen jokes, Eva Marie joined WWE in 2013 and in a confined ability to focus time, Eva Marie has wound up being one of the most empowering and attracting WWE divas. Going before that, Eva Marie expected to experience a multiyear long intending to really change into a touch of the WWE list. Eva Marie has been an athletic individual since her energy and has some sharp grand main impetuses.

Eva Marie

29. Eve Torres

Past ace wrestler and entertainer, model and expert who got reputation for her work with WWE. Eve Torres has showed up in different TV shows like Show Me The Money, Sunset Tan, and Deal or No Deal. In 2008, she changed into a WWE behind the stage analyst and changed into a full-time wrestler. With a perfect pair of looks and hotness, Eve Torres makes sure to make you keep regarding them for the duration of the day as she marches her unequaled and evident persona with such entrancing provocative looks.

Eve Torres

30. The Fabulous Moolah

If you look at the recorded background of master wrestling, The Fabulous Moolah may be the best female Wrestler ever. In any case, notwithstanding the way that this once-over focuses on the Wrestle Mania period, Moolah still beyond question justifies her spot. Moolah was without a doubt the first WWF Women’s chief and battled at the primary Wrestle Mania, regardless of the way that she was more than sixty years old by then. In the wake of battling with Wendi Richter, she again got the WWF Women’s Title and held it for more than two years. She similarly held the NWA Women’s Championship for quite a while. Moolah by then generally disappeared from the association for more than ten years before making a surprising return.

The Fabulous Moolah

31. Francine

Everyone despises the mainstream young lady. She’s dating the football quarterback, being delegated prom sovereign and is the object of everybody’s consideration. During almost the whole run of ECW’s 1990s prime, there was one clear well known young lady: Francine. What’s more, she knew it, as well. One take a gander at Francine and it was clear she was no common Catholic young lady from Philly. As naughty as she was staggering, the lady turned into a quick sensation upon her appearance in ECW. First recognizing herself as an enthusiastic Stevie Richards fan, she turned into the flighty Wrestler’s darling and immediately earned the fury of Raven and Beulah McGillicutty, with whom Francine would regularly tangle on the canvas – a lot to the pleasure of the ECW Arena loyal.


32. Gail Kim

While Gail Kim is most likely TNA’s most prominent Knockout, she wound up with a quite fair run as a Diva. Things started off incredible for Kim when she turned into the main Wrestler to catch the Women’s Championship in her absolute initially broadcast coordinate. WWE, however, wasn’t excessively dazzled with her title run. Her Matrix-propelled babyface trick was rejected, and she was immediately turned heel. Kim then adjusted herself to Molly Holly to take on Trish Stratus and Lita. While Kim was ostensibly the most athletic Diva in the division, she was inclined to bungle a couple of moves once in a while. In 2004, WWE discharged her, and she joined up with TNA. Kim turned her vocation around there and turned into the substance of the organization’s Knockouts Division. Another run in the WWE appeared to be an energizing possibility.

Gail Kim

33. The Glamour Girls

Judy Martin was one of the best WWF Women’s Tag Team Champions ever. Without a doubt, just four groups at any point held the title, however Martin did it twice. Alongside her accomplice Leilani Kai, the two framed The Glamor Girls. They held the belts for 906 successive days, which puts CM Punk’s WWE title rushed to disgrace. Martin was likewise engaged with more WWF history when she contended at the debut Survivor Series as an individual from Sherri Martel’s group. In the wake of losing the titles to the Jumping Bomb Angels, The Glamor Girls later recovered the gold. They clutched them for an additional 251 days until the titles were unceremoniously deserted in 1989.

The Glamour Girls

34. Heidi Lee Morgan

Heidi Lee Morgan is a resigned American expert Wrestler who contended in the World Wrestling Federation, International World Class Championship Wrestling, Ladies Pro Wrestling Association, and National Wrestling Federation. She was likewise an individual from the wrestling stable Team America.

Heidi Lee Morgan

35. Hiroko

Hiroko Niizuma Suzuki is a Japanese government official, capable wrestling valet, discontinuous master Wrestler and master wrestling sponsor generally well known in the United States for her work with World Wrestling Entertainment on its SmackDown! Brand under the ring name Hiroko. Suzuki was chosen for the Funabashi city committee. Suzuki is hitched to Kenzo Suzuki, whom she went with as his valet during his time with the WWE.


36. Ivory

Ivory may simply have one of the incomparable American examples of overcoming adversity. She began as one of The Godfather’s hoes and wound up a three-time Women’s Champion. While she never arrived at the statures of her peers Trish Stratus or Lita, she was given a role as their shrewd partner. The pinnacle of her run may have been the point at which she joined the Right to Censor and attempted to reinstill lost ethics upon the WWE crowd. During this time, she took on the considerably more genuinely scaring Chyna and lost to her at WrestleMania XVII.


37. Jackie Gayda

Jacquelyn Suzanne Gayda-Haas is a semi-resigned American expert Wrestler who was most popular for grappling with World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). She won the second period of Tough Enough. She is hitched to Charlie Haas who she wedded in 2005.

Jackie Gayda

38. Jacqueline

With the end goal for Sable to become as mainstream as she might have been, she required a solid heel to fight with. Jacqueline was thrown in that job. In the long run, she turned into an arbitrator for a brief timeframe and was a mentor on the main period of Tough Enough. Among her last important minutes in WWE was catching the Cruiserweight title from Chavo Guerrero during an open test. The rule was brief. She dropped the title back to him in a match where he had one arm tied behind his back.


39. Jamie Keyes

Brittany Beede is an American model and expert Wrestler who was most popular for being marked to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), preparing in its formative office Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) under the name Jamie Keyes. She likewise was a challenger on WWE NXT Season 3.

Jamie Keyes

40. Jazz

Jazz was promptly pushed into the principle Divas program when she set off to fight with Trish Stratus. It took her a few attempts, however she was in the long run ready to catch the title from the division’s top star. What isolated Jazz from the remainder of the Divas was her look and wrestling capacity. Jazz appeared as though she was prepared to battle and was a strong Wrestler inside the ring. At Stratus’ Hall of Fame function discourse she even expressed gratitude toward Jazz for assisting her vocation. Jazz had her vocation feature when she crushed Trish and Lita at WrestleMania 18 out of a triple risk coordinate. The great occasions didn’t keep going long. Shockingly, Jazz got harmed while she was the hero, and WWE had her drop the belt back to Stratus. She was sidelined for over a half year before coming back to reignite their quarrel.


41. Jillian

Jillian could have been an option that is other than a satire character, yet she exploited it. From the start, Jillian got together with JBL in his Cabinet stable. Something stood out notwithstanding, a tremendous, disgusting and fake looking mole everywhere. Vince McMahon was by then a few years behind on the Austin Powers joke of a character incidentally talking about a someone else’s mole. In any case, the association continued with it regardless and spun an entire stunt around it.


42. JoJo

Joseann Alexie Offerman aka JoJois an American ring host, valet, previous expert Wrestler and artist. She is marked to WWE under the ring name JoJo on the Rawsegment. JoJo was a part of the E! System unscripted TV show Total Divas during the primary season, which circulated during the 2013.


43. Joy Giovanni

Joy Giovanni is an American on-screen character, style model, resigned proficient Wrestler, and previous expert wrestling valet. Joy Giovanni is most popular for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment, where she took a shot at its SmackDown! brand.

Joy Giovanni

44. Bull Nakano

Bull Nakano was not your average WWE Diva. She was huge, awful and a slightly frightening. Nakano had two runs in the WWF, neither one of the ones enduring long enough. In the mid nineties, during her subsequent run, Nakano had an increasingly conspicuous situation in the organization when she occupied with a quarrel with Alundra Blayze. Look at her work with Blayze at Summer Slam 94 for a hard-hitting divas coordinate any semblance of which we don’t see any longer. She hurled the athletic Blayze around as though she were a cloth doll. While she missed the mark at this occasion, she in the end won the belt and held it for over five months before dropping it back to Blayze.Shockingly, Nakano’s second remain in the organization was abbreviated in light of the fact that she was terminated after she was found possessing cocaine.

Bull Nakano

45. Katie Lea

Katarina Watersis a Germanexpert Wrestler and valet that as of now wrestles for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling under the ring name, Winter.She is most popular from World Wrestling Entertainment, wrestling on its Raw image with the ring name Katie Lea.Before marking with WWE, she spent numerous years on the free circuit, especially in the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, where she utilized the ring name Nikita. In the wake of marking with WWE, she contended in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where she turned into a double cross Women’s Champion.

Katie Lea

46. Kelly Kelly

In spite of appearing with a stripper trick at 19 years old, Kelly stirred her way up to turn into the substance of the Divas division. Her position so high on this rundown may cause discussion, however there’s no uncertainty that WWE was excited with Kelly for a long time. It can’t be denied that Kelly was employed only for her looks. She had definitely no wrestling experience when she was acquired to be a piece of the greatest wrestling organization on the planet. Truth be told, John Laurinaitis reached her after just observing photographs of her displaying vocation. Inside two months of being in OVW she was elevated to the principle list. After an unpleasant start in Extreme Expose, Kelly began to break out all alone. During this time she started to get some wrestling moves and prevailed upon the fans.

Kelly Kelly

47. Kharma

At about six feet tall and in excess of two hundred pounds, this terrible tempered behemoth isn’t your run of the mill Superstar. Underneath her dark calfskin fighter like pieces of clothing is a lady who’s prepared in the dojo of joshipuroresu – female Japanese wrestling and blended combative techniques – experience collected while on a journey to refute WWE subsequent to being told at an Intense Enough tryout that she was excessively fat to make it as a WWE Superstar.


48. Klimaszewski Twins

The Klimaszewski Twins are on-screen characters, models and previous expert Wrestlers. The Klimaszewski Twins showed up in the WCW as one of the Nitro Girls in 2000. With Diane as Gold and Elaine as Silver. Be that as it may, very little later they exchanged over to the WWF. The Klimaszewski Twins went to the WWF in late 2000 however were discharged in 2001.

Klimaszewski Twins

49. Krissy Vaine

Krissy Vaine. Kristin Parmeter is an American model, resigned proficient Wrestler and valet. She additionally prepared at WWE’s formative domains Deep South Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling before leaving the organization on October 10, 2007 because of family issues.

Krissy Vaine

50. Kristal

Kristal Melisa Marshall is an American model, glamorous lady and resigned proficient Wrestler who is most popular for her time in World Wrestling Entertainment on its SmackDown image and in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) as Kristal Lashley.


51. Bertha Faye

Bertha Faye may not resemble your ordinary Diva, and that is on the grounds that she assuredly wasn’t. Faye had a crude force that couple of other ladies could coordinate and conveyed an overwhelming plunk down powerbomb as her finisher. It would completely level her adversaries. In any case, this was all in Japan, where she was a major draw. She chose to carry her ability to the WWF. When she appeared, however, she was left with a senseless contrivance. Rather than being pushed as a beast heel, which made her so well-known abroad, the WWF made her a joke. She lived in a trailer park and dated the a lot littler Harvey Wippleman. It was fundamentally the weak amusingness that the WWE despite everything adores.

Bertha Faye

52. Lauren Jones

Lauren Lorraine Jones is an American style originator, model, previous Barker’s Beauty on The Price Is Right, previous WWE Diva, entertainer in The Expendables, and boss inventive official of her eponymous image item advertising organization.

Lauren Jones

53. Lauren Mayhew

Lauren Courtney Mayhew is an American craftsman and on-screen character and past ring telecaster for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) on its SmackDown picture. At nine years of age she was a finalist in the national Wilhemnia challenge. A designated position, Marilyn Zitner, who was a director in New York, denoted her. She booked the activity of Marah Lewis on Guiding Light. Lauren took a break from acting and set apart with Sony Records to be a bit of the social affair PYT, which continued to release an assortment and visit with Destiny’s Child, ‘N Sync, and Britney Spears.

Lauren Mayhew

54. Layla

Incredibly, at this moment Layla is the most tenured dynamic female Wrestler on the program. Cena, Kane, Undertaker, Triple H and Mark Henry have all been utilized for over 10 years, yet rarely a female Wrestler can stay for a lot of years. It’s a demonstration of Layla’s ability and her capacity to rehash herself. She joined the organization in the wake of winning the Divas Search Contest in 2006 and before long joined the unpleasant Extreme Expose bunch on ECW. It wasn’t until Layla joined LayCool that she ended up as a character. The team overwhelmed the Divas division for two or three years on SmackDown before McCool went off into retirement. After a physical issue, Layla returned as a face. So far it’s been quite dreary, yet don’t check out Layla getting herself once more.


55. Lena Yada

Lena Yada is an American model, on-screen character and pro couple surfer who is known for her time in World Wrestling Entertainment as a behind the stage examiner, valet, and pro Wrestler. World Wrestling Entertainment entertainer and model known by her ring name of Ninje Yada. Her mark wrestling moves incorporated the Headscissors takedown and the Japanese arm drag.

Lena Yada

56. Lillian Garcia

While Lillian Garcia has just wrestled one match in her WWE vocation against Howard Finkel in a night outfit versus tuxedo coordinate, which Finkel lamentably lost, she must be viewed as perhaps the best diva in the organization’s history. Other than making a strong showing with ring presentations, she likewise had a paramount storyline with Viscera during his World’s Largest Lover Gimmick. The enormous man had his sights set on Garcia, who was in the end charmed over by him. She even proposed union with him. It wasn’t intended to be however, as Vis needed to remain a lone ranger. With Garcia, however, it’s everything about the voice. It’s been a piece of WWE for such a long time that somehow or another it’s gotten famous.

Lilian Garcia

57. Lita

While Steve Austin and The Rock were managing everything in the Attitude Era, Lita’s run with the Hardy Boyz and Team Extreme was a major piece of acquiring the high school and female crowd. Lita was ostentatious in the ring, and she was level out cool. She was a lady who young ladies could turn upward to and the folks couldn’t imagine anything better than to date. She didn’t appear to mind giving her fans a smidgen of a show, as her trademark look was having her thong uncovered. She additionally wouldn’t fret breaking out a moonsault every so often either. Her on-and-off fight with Trish Stratus throughout the years was the greatest competition that the ladies’ division has ever had. The undependable off in one of just two occasions where a ladies’ match fundamental evented Raw.


58. Luna Vachon

Luna Vachon was the niece of Mad Dog Vachon, and she conveyed that equivalent disposition to the ring. Before she was brought into the wrestling, she was working in an eatery. She fell so far away the radar that it took crafted by an investigator to follow her down. Luna’s debut came at WrestleManiawhen she went with Shawn Michaels to the ring. After the match, she fought with Michael’s previous supervisor Sherri Martel, which helped set the state of mind for the remainder of her run. She had another Mania minute at WrestleManiawhen she collaborated with Bam Bigelow. Together they crushed Doink the Clown and Dink. Luna left the organization for a couple of years and reappeared to take on Sable at WrestleMania. Luna, however, was compelled not to hurt Sable because of her up and coming Playboy shoot.

luna vachon

59. Mad Maxine

Jeannine Mjosethis a writer, picture taker, free craftsmanship caretaker, and resigned proficient Wrestler better known by her stage names Mad Maxine and Lady Maxine. During her spell in the World Wrestling Federation, Wrestler had a green mohawk and was overseen by The Fabulous Moolah.

Mad Maxine

60. Mae Young

Mae Young has generally been played for satire in her WWE years, however scarcely any demonstrations in wrestling have found such a suffering job as the one she has found. Young began wrestling in 1939 and really prepared The Fabulous Moolah. Her WWE run however didn’t begin until 1999, yet it proceeds right up ’til today. Close by Moolah, the two occupied with a quarrel against Women’s Champion Ivory. Young even helped her senior resident companion win the gold from her. Young hasn’t been hesitant to get physical either. In the event that doesn’t make a difference if she’s going up against ladies a third her age, being pummeled through a table by the Dudleyz or in any event, giving Eric Bischoff a Bronco Buster.

Mae Young

61. Mama Benjamin

Mama Benjamin made her debut on WWE in January 2006. Mama Benjamin showed up as the mother to Wrestler Shelton Benjamin, who had been experiencing challenges in the former weeks. Her first appearance was on Raw, where she astounded Benjamin by appearing and shouted at him that he wasn’t acting the manner in which Benjamins act. Throughout the following a little while, Mama Benjamin, as she came to be known, was engaged with a few behind the stage dramas bringing about her moving Wrestlers to matches for Shelton’s sake. Not at all like in his streak before her appearance, be that as it may, Shelton won most of these matches.

Mama Benjamin

62. Maria Kanellis

Maria was ditzy, peppy and a ton of fun. Despite the fact that she put fifth in the Diva Search challenge, Maria was as yet procured by WWE. She began as a behind the stage questioner who did not understand what she was doing. She depicted a moron who might regularly stir up her words for comedic impact. The demonstration got on enough that she in the end worked her way into an in-ring job. Maria started dating Santino in an engaging blending that saw her stay a face. She later moved to on-air associations with DolphZiggler and Matt Hardy.

Maria Kanellis

63. Marianna

Marianna Komloswas a Canadian expert weight lifter and Wrestler. She worked under the ring-names of Marianna and Mrs. Cleavage. Komlos made her wrestling debut in 1999, where she acted in WWE vignettes as Mrs. Cleavage, the mother of Beaver Cleavage. She would keep performing with him all through the greater part of the year, frequently reprimanding him for his conduct in his matches.


64. Maryse

Maryse, who holds a dark belt in hand to hand fighting, joined the organization the same number of the Divas did around her time: contending in bathing suit rivalries, pad battles and different other magnificence challenge babble. She in the end went to a progressively genuine contender and turned into the top heel in the division. Maryse caught the Divas Championship and wound up holding it for more than seven months. One of her last jobs in the organization saw her oversee Ted DiBiase Jr. It appeared to be an extraordinary matching, yet WWE innovative never got behind it. After quickly facilitating NXT, she was finished with the organization and presently can’t seem to return.


65. Maxine

Karlee Perez is an American entertainer, model, proficient Wrestler and valet, most popular for her work in Lucha Underground under the ring name Catrina. She is likewise known for her appearances with WWE under the ring name Maxine somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2012.


66. Melina

Melina made her WWE debut close by Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. The trio, known as MNM, were a steady objective of the paparazzi. They were showy and energizing to watch. She drove them to various runs with the Tag Team Championships. After MNM separated, Melina started to break out all alone. She was shockingly entirely acceptable in the ring and conveyed impeccably unpleasant promotions. She turned into the division’s top heel and quarreled with any semblance of Torrie Wilson and Ashley Massaro.


67. Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool didn’t win the debut Diva Search, however she wound up having a vastly improved vocation than the champ. Subsequent to losing to Christy Hemme and completing seventh spot, the organization marked her and sent her down to formative. At the point when she reappeared, she was a wellness mentor. This was a bizarre choice and didn’t take off. Later she assumed the job of a hot teacher. That contrivance worked better, yet it wasn’t until she gotten together with Layla to frame LayCool that she truly hit her sweet spot. Indeed, the pair appeared to be a knockoff of TNA’s Beautiful People, yet they got over as their own adaptation of two or three mean young ladies.

Michelle McCool

68. Mickie James

At first, Trish Stratus and Mickie James were only a few buddies. At that point things got dreadful. While James consistently appeared to be somewhat energized over Stratus, we discovered that she was absolute fixated. She spruced up like Stratus in a satisfy your dream coordinate at Taboo Tuesday and later admitted her adoration to her. At the point when Stratus dismissed her advances, she turned on her object of worship, and the contemptible off at WrestleMania XXII. The two struggled a couple of months longer, exchanging the title to and fro. It’s frequently recognized as one of the most engaging Divas fights in the organization’s history.

Mickie James

69. Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth was the object of want for some men during the 1980s, just as “The Macho Man” Randy Savage. Elizabeth wasn’t a Wrestler. She didn’t should be. She didn’t need to cut promotions. Her essence was sufficient to make her one of the most well-known wrestling stars of her time. Maybe no other female entertainer in WWF history has been in the same number of important storylines as Elizabeth. She was a vital piece of the Mega Powers label group with Hulk Hogan and Savage, and she was the wellspring of the erosion that destroyed them. Her possible get-together with Savage was an enthusiastic and enduring minute for the organization.

Miss Elizabeth

70. Missy Hyatt

Missy Hyatt. Melissa Ann Hiatt is an American expert wrestling valet, better known by her ring name, Missy Hyatt. She picked up most of her distinction working for World Championship Wrestling, before joining Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Missy Hyatt

71. Molly Holly

Molly Holly was a definitive trooper. She was a superhuman, was pantsed by Trish Stratus before a huge number of individuals on various occasions and even had her head shaved at WrestleMania. She was additionally extremely capable. In the wake of playing Miss Madness in WCW, Nora Greenwald joined the WWF as Molly Holly, the cousin of Crash and Bob Holly. Her energetic character was an extraordinary differentiation to Crash’s numskull character and Bob’s continually irritated one.

Molly Holly

72. Naomi

Trinity FatuMcCray aka is an American expert Wrestler, on-screen character, model, artist, and artist. She is marked to WWE, performing on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Naomi, where she is a previous double cross SmackDown Women’s Champion.


73. Natalya

Natalya is a piece of the amazing Hart family and is the little girl of Jim The Anvil Neidhart. She appeared in the WWE nearby individual Hart relatives Tyson Kidd and DH Smith. The gathering separated rashly, and Natalya proceeded onward to a singles vocation. Subsequent to fighting with LayCool, she caught the Divas title. Things were solid for her. It wasn’t exceptionally momentous, however, as she before long dropped the title and was moved out of the spotlight. Her next contrivance was lamentable, without a doubt.


74. Nicole Bass

Nicole Basswas an American muscle head, on-screen character, proficient Wrestler and chief. She worked for organizations, for example, Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation, Xtreme Pro Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance. She showed up as a visitor on The Howard Stern Show. She was an individual from Stern’s Wack Pack.

Nicole Bass

75. Nidia

Stirring her way up from Tough Enough, Nidia delighted in a concise run in the WWE as an enjoyment mid-card character. She appeared on SmackDown with her on-screen beau Jamie Noble. The two were a strong demonstration, and she before long started to fight with the more tasteful Torrie Wilson. Nidia was positively engaging in her trailer garbage heel job and was an incredible foil for Wilson.


76. Alicia Fox

Victoria Elizabeth Crawford otherwise known as Alicia Fox is an American model and master Wrestler set apart to WWE where Alicia Fox performs under the ring name Alicia Fox. Crawford has a progressively energetic sister named Christina. Going before transforming into a specialist Wrestler, Crawford was a model, and set apart with WWE in the wake of being found in a way stock by John Laurinaitis. It was revealed in a scene of WWE Inbox that Alicia Fox used to fill in as a Pizza Delivery Girl. Going before transforming into a specialist Wrestler, Crawford was a model. Alicia Fox is truly an absolutely classless woman and we trust Alicia Fox boobs pictures and Alicia Fox butt pictures are verification of that.

Alicia Fox

77. Alundra Blayze/Madusa

Debra Ann Miceli is a resigned American expert Wrestler. She is most popular under her ring names Madusa or Alundra Blayze. She later joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where she was an individual from the Dangerous Alliance, a gathering of performers oversaw by Paul E. Hazardously. Madusa joined the adversary World Wrestling Federation (WWF) under the name Alundra Blayze. In the WWF, she fought with Bull Nakano and Bertha Faye, while holding the WWF Women’s Championship an aggregate of multiple times.

Alundra Blayze Madusa

78. Anastacia

Anastacia Rose McPherson is a previous WWE Diva and behind the stage questioner for the Smack Down brand. She appeared on October 12, 2007 and was discreetly discharged in January 2008. Anastacia was discharged from her agreement in January 2008. The explanation is presently obscure and unverified, however hypothesis focuses at her presentation in the questioner spot.


79. B.B.

Kathy/Cathy Dingman, otherwise called Miss B, Taylor Vaughn, or Papaya, was a performer for TNA, WCW, and WWE; victor of the Miss TNA Lingerie Battle Royal. B.B. worked at Hooters for a long time. B.B. was named TNA’s Babe of the Year. B.B. was hitched to Bob Holly. B.B. lost the Miss Royal Rumble Swimsuit Competition to Mae Young.


80. Rochelle Loewn

Rochelle Nicole Loewen is a Canadian entertainer, Glamor model, and previous WWE Diva on the SmackDown! brand. Loewen initially appeared on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) RAW image as a model who attempted to find a new line of work through RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff. Be that as it may, she would not show up again on RAW and was moved to SmackDown! in late 2004.

Rochelle Loewn

81. Rockin Robin

Robin Denise Smith, better known by her ring name Rockin Robin, is an American previous expert Wrestler. As the little girl of Aurelian Grizzly Smith, she is a second-age Wrestler. She held the WWF Women’s Championship from October 1988 until it was resigned in 1990.

Rockin Robin

82. Rosa Mendes

Rosa Mendes otherwise known as Milena Leticia Roucka is a Canadian model, resigned proficient Wrestler and expert wrestling supervisor. She was known for her time in WWE under the ring name Rosa Mendes. She oversaw previous WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Epico from 2011 to 2013.

Rosa Mendes

83. Ryan Shamrock

Alicia Nicole Webb is an American expert wrestling valet. She is maybe most popular for her time with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) during 1999 as Ryan Shamrock. She is otherwise called Alicia Webb while she showed up on the Independent circuit. Webb was procured by the WWF to show up at first as model. On January 11, 1999, Alicia appeared on Raw as Ryan Shamrock, the kayfabe more youthful sister of Ken Shamrock.

Ryan Shamrock

84. Sable

Sable presumably had the most smoking run a Diva at any point had in WWF, yet it didn’t keep going long enough. She initially joined the organization nearby Hunter Hearst Helmsley in 1996. The two weren’t intended to be, and she offered her administrative administrations to her genuine spouse Marc Mero. Sable immediately overshadowed him in prominence and started attracting the best group responses the whole organization, beside Steve Austin. The WWF transformed this into an edge, and she fought with her envious spouse Mero and his new valet Jacqueline.


85. Sapphire

Sapphire worked WWF programming all through the late 80s and mid-90s. She was usually alluded to as Sweet Sapphire and wore yellow spotted clothing to coordinate that of Dusty’s. Sapphire’s carefree mentality and move moves helped praise Dusty’s contrivance, and got her over with the group.


86. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks clearly overflows sex claim. We believe it’s the brilliant hues. It resembles in the creature world. The more brilliant the shading, the simpler it is to pull in a mate. In the event that that works with plumes, is there any valid reason why it wouldn’t work with hair? The main contrast is that flying creatures can’t go out and color their quills.Like all the ladies on this rundown, Sasha Banks sex advance doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to wrestle. Sasha Banks was one of the main ladies to battle in a damnation in a cell coordinate.

Sasha Banks

87. Savannah

Angela Carolyn Fong aka Savannah is a Canadian expert Wrestler, model, ring host, supporter of the CFL’s BC Lions and on-screen character most popular for her time at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), referred to by her previous ring name as Savannah who filled in as a ring broadcaster and behind the stage questioner of WWE.

Angela Fong

88. Serena

Serena Deeb, better known by her ring name Serena, an American expert Wrestler and yoga educator who most popular for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment, showing up on the SmackDown brand and furthermore known for her time with the formative domain Florida Championship Wrestling.


89. Shaniqua

Miles aka Shaniqua is an American resigned proficient Wrestler and administrator. She worked under the ring name Shaniqua for World Wrestling Entertainment’s SmackDown! brand somewhere in the range of 2002 and 2004. She co-won the second period of WWE Tough Enough with Jackie Gayda, getting a one-year contract with the organization.


90. (Queen)Sharmell

Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman aka Queen Sharmell, is an American resigned proficient wrestling valet and previous expert Wrestler. As the spouse of Booker T, she is most popular for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as Queen Sharmell until her discharge in 2007.


91. Sensational Sherri

Indeed, even the individuals who aren’t acquainted with the momentous profession of Hair-raising Sherri Martel will perceive her particular voice. Her interpretation of Shawn Michaels’ passageway subject, Hot Boy, guided HBK to the ring for quite a long time. Be that as it may, Hair-raising Sherri was substantially more than a voice. Martel was talented and achieved inside the ring and a power while overseeing from outside of it. Her physical quality and her extreme character re-imagined ladies’ jobs in sports-amusement, making ready for some WWE Superstars to follow. A significant number of WWE’s most noteworthy Superstars appreciated a relationship with “Thrilling” Sherri and a lot more needed to watch their back when she was at ringside.

Sensational Sherri

92. Stacy Keibler

Appearing in the WWF in 2001 as a feature of WCW, Keibler turned into the supervisor for The Dudley Boyz. It appeared to be a horrendous matching, however it turned out well, and she was given the epithet of the Duchess of Dudleyville. After they turned on her, she started to wrestle more and occupied with quarrels with Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus. Poor Keibler, however, consistently turned out on the losing side until she turned babyface. En route, she had increasingly abnormal associations with Randy Orton, Vince McMahon, Test, Scott Steiner and The Hurricane.

Stacy Keibler

93. Cherry

By and large notable for dealing with the social event of Deuce ‘n Domino, the awesome blonde roller-skated her way into the hearts of the WWE Universe. In the wake of controlling her repulsive youths to the WWE Tag Team Championship, Cherry and the greasers removed their own particular manner. This split permitted the most certified Diva to shine in singles activity with a little assistance from her accomplice, Michelle McCool. The ideal Divas would conflict with any closeness to Maryse and Natalya before occupying endlessly from WWE.


94. Summer Rae

Summer Rae. Danielle Louise Moinetis an American expert Wrestler, model, on-screen character, and previous American football player. She is most popular for her time in WWE under the ring name Summer Rae. She was a principle thrown part on the unscripted TV drama Total Divas during its second and third seasons

Summer Rae

95. Sunny

Regularly alluded to as the principal Diva, Sunny assisted with spearheading another sort of job for ladies in proficient wrestling. She could do it all. She filled in as a chief, a valet, an intermittent Wrestler, a questioner and a TV have for the WWF. Initially joining the organization as a chief of The Bodydonnas, she immediately eclipsed the men she was overseeing. The fans grasped her enthusiastic character and her incredibly great looks. From that point forward, Sunny was mixed it up of different Wrestlers at whatever point they required a lift. She dealt with The Smoking Gunns, Farooq and The Legion of Doom during her time in the WWF.


96. Tamina

TaminaSnuka. Sarona Moana-Marie ReiherSnuka-Polamalu is an American expert Wrestler and entertainer at present marked to WWE performing on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Tamina, where she is a previous every minute of every day Champion.


97. Terri

Terri Runnels may have had probably the most abnormal vocation a Diva has ever had. She was acquainted with the WWF crowd as Marlena, the valet of Goldust. While they were hitched, all things considered, the two made an extraordinarily weird on-air blending. She was tasteful and excellent. Be that as it may, with a stogie in her mouth and a long gold dress, she finished The Bizarre Ones act. Her other customer base as director was an assortment of one odd act after another: Meat, The Hardy Boyz, Raven and even Saturn when he was dating a mop were all under her tutelage.


98. The Kat

Stacy Lee Carter aka The Kat is an American expert wrestling valet and intermittent expert Wrestler, under her ring name Stacy Carter. Stacy is better known for her work in the World Wrestling Federation under her ring name The Kat.

The Kat

99. Tiffany

On the off chance that you know Taryn Terrell from the WWE, at that point you’ll know her as Tiffany, however her spell was just short. Not unreasonably a grin like that experienced any difficulty finding a home on TV. She’s been everywhere throughout the wrestling circuit, at last arriving with Impact. After WWE she changed to Taryn Terrell on the grounds that she should truly adore similar sounding word usage. She holds the record for longest running TNA Knockouts champion for more than two hundred days.


100. Tori

Not very many Wrestlers can profess to have been a piece of the incredible D-Generation X, however Tori can. Tori was immediately tossed into the spotlight when she struggled her previous symbol Sable at WrestleMania XV. In spite of the fact that Tori’s character was a stalker when she appeared, she wound up as the babyface in the fight. Things showed signs of improvement for her as a character when she began dating the beast Kane. The two began as a shockingly charming couple until Tori became progressively distrustful and had Kane assault any individual who took a gander at her the incorrect way.


101. Torrie Wilson

Who might have anticipated that Torrie Wilson would get one of the best WCW Wrestlers to join the WWE? Close by her companion Stacy Keibler, the two were at the front line of attempting to take over WWE in 2001. Later during The Invasion point, Wilson turned face and turned into a fan most loved when she left WCW due to her sweetheart Tajiri. The fans quickly fancied her. While never an incredible in-ring specialist, Wilson quite often won her matches. Now and again, it felt like she was a female John Cena. She was one of the most obvious and intensely pushed ladies in the organization.

Torrie Wilson

102. Trinity

Trinity Fatu was conceived on November 30, 1987 in Sanford, Florida, USA as Trinity LaShawn McCray. She is an on-screen character, known for WWE Smackdown!, WWE NXT and WWE Main Event. She has been hitched to Jonathan Solofa Fatu since January 16, 2014.


103. Trish Stratus

Viewing Trish Stratus’ introduction promotion was so excruciating, it’s stunning to think she at any point got another opportunity to talk. Fortunately WWE gave her another possibility, and through difficult work and commitment to her art she turned into the best Diva the organization has ever had. Stratus initially joined the organization lined up with Test and Albert, and shaped the moderately forgettable label group of “T and A.” Stratus’ star obviously sparkled more splendid than those two, and she broke out all alone. Obviously, she timed as one of Vince McMahon’s numerous courtesans, yet this drove her to a quarrel with his little girl, which gave her more introduction.

Trish Stratus

104. Velvet McIntyre

Velvet McIntyre wrestled without boots, however she simply didn’t require them to rule in the ring. During her time, McIntyre was conceivably the most athletic lady on the program and put the vast majority of the ambling male mammoths who overwhelmed the period to disgrace. Alongside Princess Victoria, she was the first to hold the Women’s Tag Team Championship. She additionally had a major match at WrestleMania 2 against The Fabulous Moolah, which saw her missing the mark. She did in the end catch the gold against Moolah, just to drop it back to her once more.

Velvet McIntyre

105. Vickie Guerrero

Guerrero might be one of the most astounding examples of overcoming adversity in WWE history. She had shown up when her better half Eddie was alive, yet after his passing, she turned into a highlighted TV character. It appeared that WWE had her on TV as all the more some help to her family than anything. Her babyface portions were regularly excruciating to watch. She was basically a horrendous on-screen character. By one way or another, she turned into an incredible character after she turned heel. She immediately developed progressively agreeable in the job and was getting more group heat than some other Wrestler (male or female) on the whole program.

Vickie Guerrero

106. Victoria

Nobody played a psycho superior to anything Victoria did. Much the same as Ivory, Victoria made her WWF debut as one of The Godfather’s “hos.” Perhaps it wasn’t such a terrible business all things considered. This was never referenced on TV again when she was later reintroduced. Victoria’s best time in the WWE was not long after her arrival. She was a crazed lady who had it out for Trish Stratus. The two had an incredible quarrel that contained a portion of the organization’s best ladies’ matches ever. She was physically skilled, had incredible offense and had a mischievous looking finisher.


107. Vivian Vachon

Diane Vachonwas a Canadian expert Wrestler and vocalist, most popular by her ring name Vivian Vachon. An individual from the Vachon group of Wrestlers, she was the sister of Maurice and Paul Vachon, and the auntie of Luna Vachon. She is viewed as a standout amongst other female Wrestlers of the 1970s.

Vivian Vachon

108. Wendi Richter

Richter’s fame took off, and she was one of the organization’s greatest stars before the first screwjob, which originated before the Montreal form by over ten years, went down. At a house appear in Madison Square Garden, Richter was stuck by the strange Spider Lady. This was not arranged. Vince McMahon had Fabulous Moolah wear a veil and pin Richter to remove the belt from her.

Wendi Richter

Well there you have it! That’s our complete rundown of the 108 most sexiest and talented WWE Divas in the history of the World Wrestling Federation and Entertainment. Feast your eyes on these bold and beautiful hotties who stole the show in the WWE ring!