Shanna Moakler- Setting Social Media On Fire, Posing In A Bikini

Shanna Moakler- Setting Social Media On Fire, Posing In A Bikini

The 47-year-old model- Shanna Moakler posted in a dazzling bikini last Tuesday. Her gym-fit physique was thoroughly visible from the bikini as can be seen in the snap, as she posted on her Instagram. Lying in a black-cut bikini, with under boob reflecting, the star was killing the outfit.

The whole look was made even more breathtaking as she applied nude to make lipstick. Her shaped brows added sharpness to her face, ass she lied down and posed. The star was also seen wearing a watch and other accessories. The naval piercing acted as fuel to fire- increasing the edginess of her look.

She also added matching beaded bracelets in shades ranging from black, brown, and golden. One can also see the tattoo on her toned arms. From her Instagram captions, it’s visible the celebrity wants to go back to her vacation back in Cabo.

She shares with her 3.5M followers the snaps from Cabo. She writes in her caption wishing that she could go back to Cabo, but it’s high time to work now. She shares her vacation snaps with her huge number of followers.

The last activity of her on her Instagram handle was her congratulating her ex-husband Travis Baker for his marriage to Kourtney Kardashian. The wedding took place in Las Vegas and Shanna congratulated the newlyweds. She added a heartfelt wish as she showed her happiness for the newlyweds and wished them good luck for their journey ahead.

With her ex-partner, whom she married in 2004, and divorced in 2008, she has two kids- who are now teens- Landon- 18, and Alabama- 16. Travis also welcomed raising Shanna’s daughter Atiana De La Hoya from her former partner Oscar De La Hoya. Atiana has now turned 23. Travis shares a recent engagement with Kourtney, which took place last October.

The couple vowed before few months after the Grammy Awards. The was also able to obtain a video of the couple’s special ceremony night. The night went long, as the couple came back home around 2:30 in the morning and also exchanged drinks to celebrate their special night.

There have been rumors regarding their marriage as illegal, as few sources claimed the couple didn’t have a marriage license when they arrived at the Chapel. Later Kourtney herself said that it wasn’t possible to arrange a license at that late at night. Hence, the couple might plan a ceremony with their close people to officiate their relationship.

One of the last announcements from Shanna which got everyone’s announcement was her false pregnancy. The star wasn’t tested falsely positive cause she was on hormones to lose weight. Shanna recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend Matthew Rondeau in February. The scene git attention as he was arrested for domestic violence.

Hours before the issue he defamed her on Instagram live, using slang to refer to her. Shanna, however, clears all doubts and says that Matthew was a good man and she nowhere criticizes her behavior. Though their relationship got bad, and something which would take time to heal, for the couple as well for their families.

Alabama also takes a stand against her mother, as she calls Matthew a cheater. This was cleared by Matthew on grounds that there have been ups and downs but not cheating. Shanna claims that Kim was the reason their marriage broke, as Travis cheated on her cause of Kim, as she congratulates the couple now.