Sharing Smiles After Successful Show- Justin And Hailey Bieber

Sharing Smiles After Successful Show- Justin And Hailey Bieber

After the successful concert show in Orlando, the star singer- Justin was seen having a good time with his wife Hailey. The couple was spotted backstage as they exchanged laughs and smiles. The pictures published on Instagram shows that the star was wearing a neon green face mask, only leaving his eyes and mouth open, the rest all packed.

That indifferent mask was paired with a white t-shirt and black knee-length shorts, The intentions singer also donned white raised sneakers, as he was seen at the exit. After a wholesome performance of 90 minutes, and conducting an event full of dance and singing, the singer was seen cooling down, with a drink in his hand.

His wife Hailey, was spotted right next to him, wearing a sleeveless crop red sweater and hair done in two braids. The star model was seen wearing a plain chain necklace, and finger rings. She also paired earrings, with her loose baggy floor-length pants, covering her red and white sneakers.

The 25-year-old model enjoyed the concert with her husband, as she was seen smiling widely, as the couple took the black SUV to go back to the hotel. The couple reached the event hand-in-hand at the event.

The celebrity singer changed into black loose leather pants, an orange t-shirt, and full sleeve jacket. To accessorize he wore black sunglasses and white beaded necklaces. Star was seen being gentle with the fans as he hugs one of them backstage.

Donning the same outfit, the star sang for an hour and a half for his fans and entertained them. He total sang 22 songs, including his super hit Yummy. The tour will go on till July, and the singer will be doing concerts at 30 places in North America.

While the tour will continue up to March internationally. He will fly to Europe, after resting for a few weeks, and then continue with his international journey, to perform for fans there.

With a huge fan following worldwide, the star would be conducting shows at multiple places, including international stations. the tour has been planned accordingly. After doing his shows in North America, the star has plans for Europe.

The star never fails to impress his fans. The ever-enthusiastic singer, with his excellent dancing skills, manages to leave an impact on his audience. The wife being supportive as always was seen accompanying him at the concert and was seen as very happy with the turn of events.