17 Epic She-Hulk Cosplays Prove That We Need Her In Marvel Cinematic Universe Or Her Netflix Series ASAP.


For comic book lovers, Cosplay has become a hobby which is rapidly gaining in popularity. Putting on the costume of your beloved superhero or supervillain has become lucrative enough as a full-time profession for some of the cosplayers. Although it might appear easy, cosplay is anything but simple fun and games. If you are serious about looking authentic, then you need to spend an enormous amount of time, money and effort to make it happen. The challenge is only bigger if somebody tries portraying a popular comic book character which has not yet been created in the live action format.

That’s why it is no mean task to perfectly replicate She-Hulk for a cosplayer. The character is the cousin of Bruce Banner who got infused with his blood in an emergency scenario once. Her life was saved, but, changed. She is a perfect combination of physical beauty, bravery, and green, loads of green color. That’s why a cosplayer not only needs to get perfect body paint, apart from the other elements. Check out these gorgeous female cosplayers and you will definitely wish to see more of She-Hulk on the big or at least the small screen in live-action form!

1. Source: BelleChere

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2. Source: JubyHeadshot

3. Source: Miffylicious

4. Source: AbbyDark-Star

5. Source: CanteraImage

6. Source: moshunman

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8. Source: mikomiscostumedworld

9. Source: cirrus-cosplay


10. Source: FuturePhotographyM3

11. Source: iasho

12. Source: elenblaith

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13. Source: femmefatale23

14. Source: Inuyomi

15. Source: Endymius

16. Source: galacticat

17. Source: SandroSebastiani