7 Lesser Known Facts About Skye P Marshall Who Plays Kara Fowdy In Black Lightning TV Show.


Skye P Marshall’s character Kara Fowdy has become one of the most loved characters from the Black Lightning TV show, and a lot of that has to do with her amazing butt, that’s driving the guys nuts. But, the actress has much more to offer, we tried to search info around this fantastic actress, and we found that there is very little information or facts on the Internet. All we got that she is an attractive African American Actress in her early 30’s. So we did some of our own research and found interesting facts on Skye Marshall a.k.a Kara Fowdy.We also got some interesting hot pictures of Skye Marshall with the facts to keep things interesting. Here we go:-

1)  Skye P. Marshall Has Come To Hollywood From United States Airforce.

Skye considers being in Airforce has helped her in the Entertainment industry since day one. No matter where she went, the moment casting director saw her active duty point in her resume, they would stop and thank her for her serving years. Skye says that after she ended her duty in Airforce, she was shifted to a cubicle work as Security Forces Specialist which was hated by her. She decided to make her part-time hobby, acting, as a full-time job.

Skye P Marshall Air force

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2) She Is A Professionally Trained Actress.

After Skye’s army serving period was over, she moved back home and started pursuing her interest in acting and media. She finished her graduation from Northeastern Illinois University and gained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Media & Theater. This was not enough for her because she wanted to be the best in this craft. Hence Skye shifted to New York and attained additional training at Stella Adler Studio Of Acting and Broad Way Dance center. Spending her time with actors from different parts of the world flourished her acting prowess, and took her understanding of the craft of moviemaking to a whole new level.

Skye P Marshall Black Lightning

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3) Skye Marshall Has Already Worked In Amazing TV Shows And Movies.

She has worked in many great TV shows of contemporary times like NCIS, Dexter, House M.D, Superhero TV show Black Lightning, and TNT’s Crime Dram Public Morals created by the maestro Steven Spielberg. She has even appeared next to great actors like Sir Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino in a Lionsgate production film, “Misconduct.”

Skye Marshall

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