Sofia Jamora In A Hot Photoshoot (7 Pics)

Sofia Jamora In A Hot Photoshoot
Sofia Jamora In A Hot Photoshoot

The internet went crazy as soon as she posted her few snaps from her recent photoshoot for NUDE’s magazine cover. Sofia showed off her quirky yet hot look in a three-part photo series that she captioned, “you can only do commercial.” BET. Here’s my new COVER story w @nude.mag (emoji)”.

In the first snap, she could be seen in a thong-style black bottom with a high-rise fit. She went topless while posing for the shot. Her arms covered in long, bright yellow gloves hid her breasts while partially revealing it. Her wavy locks rested on her right shoulder.


Sofia Jamora hot pictures
Sofia Jamora hot pictures

A bright color palette was used for the makeup; a vibrant combination of magenta and yellow colors was used for the eye shadow. Sofia wore this same outfit for another snap, but the camera angle changed to capture her stunning curves.


Sofia Jamora sexy pictures
Sofia Jamora sexy pictures

In the low angle shot, Sofia was seen hugging herself. She flaunted her pert derriere while looking into the camera. She wore yellow lensed sunglasses for another image in which she did a sexy hair flip.

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Sofia put on an orange outfit featuring a low-cut bra top. The outfit revealed her ample cleavage, toned body, and slender legs as she posed for some sultry shots. Most of her makeup had a dominant orange tone.


Finally, she wore a bright pink high-neck bodysuit and struck a Bambi pose on a cushion. Her leaps formed a pout, and she stared at the ceiling. Johnny Cinematic, the photographer of this shoot, perfectly captured the model’s sensuousness while paying full attention to the aesthetics of the shots.