Solo: A Star Wars Story: Alden Ehrenreich Must Be Given One Or Two Sequels


It is not just a film, but, Solo: A Star Wars Story is a message of love to the legions of Star Wars fans from the Kasdan, Ron Howard, Lucasfilm Story Group and in a way even from George Lucas himself. The movie’s cast was the mega gift, more so Alden Ehrenreich, who not only owned Han Solo but, added more to the character.

It is said that time flies when you are enjoying things, and that’s exactly how you feel while watching Solo: A Star Wars Story.

At the time when the end credits started rolling, and the Star Wars theme music played out loudly, one wondered, “Is it over? There should be more,” and that’s a great thing.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is a film which a lot of Star Wars fans were against, but, it is such joy that Lucasfilm didn’t take note of that fan advice. In fact, we just hope that this is only a start and we will see a lot more of Han Solo and Chewbacca adventures starring Alden Ehrenreich and Jonas Suotamo only.

There is no lack of stories at the disposal of Lucasfilm/Disney and a score of Han and Chewie adventures as well. No doubt, the duo would soon meet the evil Jabba The Hutt, when Han would become the main smuggler for Hutt.

Han and Chewie keep hopping around the galaxy, facing trouble, but, saving the day and then repeating the same.

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Han Solo also has a long-term history with Maz Kanata as was hinted in Star Wars:The Force Awakens. To see their relationship being explored in a movie will also be a fantastic idea.

Another narrative that can never take place is Han Solo’s fight with Maul, in any manner, shape or form. Han had no faith in the Force and never saw it until Darth Vader hammered belief into him in The Empire Strikes Back.

Since Solo: A Star Wars Story has performed badly at the box-office, doubts crop up if Lucasfilm will make another Han Solo movie, leave alone two. However, we are hopeful.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is generating word of mouth buzz and gathering steam, and we hope it makes enough money to green-light a sequel. It is a trend that a sequel is a must.

Also, Lucasfilm/Disney have contracted Alden Ehrenreich for two more movies, so why won’t they benefit from his talent? There is a lot more of Han and Chewbacca to be seen yet.

In case you are doubtful or considering skipping Solo: A Star Wars Story because you didn’t like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we advise you to give it a shot. The movie will delight you.

You can watch Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters now.