Sommer Ray Shows Off Her Pretty Cleavage And Booty As She Poses In A Skimpy Bikini (11 Pics)

Sommer Ray Shows Off Her Pretty Cleavage And Booty As She Poses In A Skimpy Bikini

The model Sommer Ray looks incredible in whatever she wears, and she knows how to flex her jaw-dropping curves and stunning figure. She often shares sultry snaps with her 25.6M Instagram followers. A few weeks ago, she shared some photos in which she was seen posing in a skimpy white bikini while standing under a shower. Her sexy figure was highlighted by the tiny ensemble that looked gorgeous on her.


Sommer Ray thick eyebrows

In one of the photos, she was seen posing in a triangle top, which showed off her ample cleavage and toned stomach. It was teamed up with a matching bottom with string detailing. Her mesmerizing curves and toned legs were highlighted by the bottom she wore. She accessorized her look with several thick gold chain necklaces, a chain bracelet, and oversized gold hoop earrings.


Sommer Ray close-up snap

She wore stylish sunglasses with heart-shaped frames, which made her look fabulous. Her long hair was pulled to the back to style it in a bun. Sommer used the light side of the makeup palette, which featured heavy eye makeup to match with thick eyebrows.

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Sommer Ray cleavage

In one of the photos, she was seen posing for a close-up snap while covering her breasts with her hands. She tilted her head while looking straight at the camera.


Sommer Ray mesmerizing curves

In another photo, she gave a full-frontal view while throwing her head to the back.


Sommer Ray look fabulous

She was also seen posing while looking down at the floor.


Sommer Ray sexy

As she got drenched while posing under the shower, the damp skin made her look enthralling.


Sommer Ray butt

She was also seen posing with her back towards the camera. Her bottom flexed her peachy posterior as she posed for the photos.

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Sommer Ray turned her head

She turned her head to look at the camera while posing.


Sommer Ray sexy pic

She gave a slightly shocking expression in the last picture, as Sommer revealed in the caption, “the last pic is when my dumbass realizes we have water running over electrical cords lol.”