A Cute Little Super-heroine Had Defeated Thanos Single-Handedly, Here’s How It Happened


Squirrel Girl has been coming up an awful lot off late, and now actresses Shannon Purser and Anna Kendrick are expressing their interest to play this character in the MCU. Anthony and Joe Russo have said that Kendrick playing the character would be perfect and Edgar Wright agrees with this. Wright had pointed out that many actors in the film, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World eventually played superheroes like Chris Evans (Captain America) and Brie Larson (Captain Marvel).

Now, it might be Kendrick’s turn to play this hero in the MCU, and finally, the Avengers can defeat Thanos. Squirrel Girl has taken down a few extremely powerful supervillains in the Marvel Universe by using her ability to communicate with squirrels. During the GLX-Mas Special 2005, Squirrel Girl had defeated Thanos with the help of Tippy-Toe, her squirrel.

In ‘Abandoned an’ Forsaked’, Jim Starlin had introduced a concept of Thanos cloning himself in order to explain a few stories which featured Thanos that Starlin felt did not depict the character well.

In 2006, he had Squirrel Girl star in his stories in the GLX-Mas Special. Slott had a whole lot of fun with the fact that her debut was an “in continuity” story where she had defeated Doctor Doom.

In another story, fans saw how the battle had ended.

In a She-Hulk story where Starfox had been put on trial, we learn that Thanos’ obsession with Death was caused by Starfox.

Later in the issue, fans discover that the Thanos who tells this whole story is not the actual Thanos.

Slott then takes his joke from the Squirrel Girl story to a new level and spoofs the notion of using clones.