Stabbed To Death By The Star Cortney Clenney, Now In Mental Institution

Stabbed To Death By The Star Cortney Clenney, Now In Mental Institution

From hotels to hospitals- Courtney Clenney’s life took a major turn. Courtney Clenney, 25, or Courtney Tailor, as she is known popularly, has been arrested recently, in charge of killing Christian Obumseli. The tragedy happened on Sunday, nearly around 5 pm. Ironically the reporter of the crime was Clenney herself, who did dial 9-1-1.

The call was made from an apartment in Miami, Florida. On reaching the spot, they found Clenney’s boyfriend- Christian, 27- dead. On enquiring it turned out, she has killed him by stabbing him in the shoulder. He was immediately taken to the hospital, but couldn’t survive his injuries, and died eventually.

The argument was on some marital issue, which grew to a level that it turned into violence. It has been stated by a Miami person said that they knew there were some physical arguments before she stabbed her boyfriend. Mutual friends of Clenney and Obumseli told an ABC affiliate that the couple’s relationship was characterized by heated disagreements.

Ashley Vaughn confirms that she has hit him. “He’s never hit her before,” says the narrator. Christian recently shifted to the new location and was sharing an apartment with his girlfriend Clenney, in the Edgewater neighborhood in Miami. It was not the first time they had fought.

The close friends of the couple say that there have been instances of previous arguments before, and there were frequent reports to the police. Clenney threw threats of committing suicide while she was being arrested, and followed to the police station. Keeping in scenario the conditions, she was shifted to a mental hospital within 72 hours.

Clenney has a huge following on Instagram about 2 million, and everyone wants to know about her release. She was detained on April 3rd, but the account posted about only fans’ content on April 4. The case is under investigation by detectives.

Cousin of Christian was reached by The Sun, keeping his identity hidden, he has expressed the state of the whole family. They felt devastated because of the murder of their brother. He reported that the family is still trying to process what has happened, to cope with the loss