Did You Notice Stan Lee’s Cameo In Deadpool 2?


With every Marvel film, comes Stan Lee’s cameo and this has continued into Deadpool 2 as well. Here, Lee’s cameo is more like an Easter egg.

A Stan Lee cameo is always expected in a Marvel project, no matter if it is produced by Marvel Studios, Fox, or Sony. Even the Marvel TV shows like The Gifted or Runaways had Stan Lee cameos. Not all appearances of Lee is a cameo, as in Marvel series where his image pops up in the background once in a while.

Here, Stan’s portrait is seen as Domino comes in for a parachute landing after the X-Force met their ends. It is a blink-and-you will-miss-it scene.

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Deadpool 2 is not at a loss for cameos, but with many other familiar faces popping up, it does make it more jarring that Stan Lee is not one of them.

Lee had filmed cameos for Black Panther and Infinity War at the same time and he filmed cameos for Ant-Man &The Wasp and Avengers 4. This cuts down on the traveling.

Stan Lee appeared in the movie’s teaser with Logan and was evidently around for the filming on Deadpool 2. It is also possible that something was filmed but did not make it the final cut.