25 Hilarious Comic Book Panels That Prove Prequels Storyline Doesn’t Make Sense


There is one episode in How I Met Your Mother where Barney Stinson is seen explaining “The Ewok Line,” his theory of why Endor-dwellers are divisive among the Star Wars fans-anyone who is born before May 25, 1973, had seen the Ewoks as a bid to attract kids, and so, they hate them.

People who were born after this date were young and loved the teddy bears and the primitive humor.

We now have a line called, ‘The Prequel Line.’ Anyone who was born before May 16, 1989, will hate the Star Wars prequels and people who were born after this date would love the prequels.

Well, how do you feel about CGI -Yoda vs. the puppet Yoda? Would you prefer the original version as it had demonstrated the filmmakers’ skill in creating characters which looked life-like with the only technology which was available back then?

25. Panic Button

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24.Midichlorian Madness

23. Green Machine

22.Absitively Posolutely

21.The Kids Are Alright

20. Separation Of Church And State

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19. Head To Head

18. Master Chef

17. Evil Eyes

16. Red Flags

15. Copy Cat

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14. Higher Ground

13. Just Do It

12. Anakin No

11. Check Your Math

10. Musical Chairs

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9. All You Need Is Love

8. Let’s Make A Deal

7. Sands Of Time

6. Kidding Around

5. Why You No Liking Us?

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4. The Dark Side

3. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

2. Sad!

1. There’ll Be Sad Songs