24 Tips That Will Make Stormtroopers Much Better In Future Star Wars Films


The lovable Stormtrooper that we have all seen and come to love has a superb rulebook! They can do a lot of things, but, aiming accurately is not yet their thing. Is there anything that you wish you could change about the way the Stormtroopers go about their business? Apparently, there is no method to their training or joining criteria. The old clone Stormtroopers are unlike the First Order’s Stormtroopers, but, one thing that has remained a constant is their skills of pathetic aim, the absence of wit and fatigue.

We have even seen a Stormtrooper slam his head on the door frame, and that means he is in urgent need of an eye-check up. Their sparkling white color makes them sitting ducks whether in the forest or in the desert. They are dumb enough to be convinced by an old man in a brown robe. “Those are the droids you’re looking for! Such extremely obvious things need to be rectified. The Stormtroopers are in urgent need of training and orientation so that they could be worthy of the uniform, and why should not they get it?

Have a look at the following list of improvement ideas which would benefit the Stormtroopers in their occupation and life. Have a look and leave your feedback in comments!

24. Have A Union Representative

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23. Attend Monthly Seminar On Communication

22. Acquire Better Armor

21. Required Shooting Range Training

20. Mandatory Speeder Bike Lessons

19. Attend Defense Class Against Ewoks

18. Defend That Hole (Death Star)

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17. Attend Class On Defending Against Jedi Mind Tricks

16. Mandatory Yearly Eye Exam

15. Strive To Work In Sanitation

14. Attend Weekly Thermal Detonator Training

13. Always Be In Uniform In Public

12. No Nicknames

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11. No Fraternizing

10. Use Personal Energy Shields

9. Specialize In All Weapon Classes

8. Take A Vacation

7. Ambidextrous Training

6. Wear Ear Plugs When Guarding Jedi

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5. No Altering Armor

4. Wear Camouflage On Forest Planets

3. Don’t Interrupt A Kylo Ren Tantrum

2. All Stormtroopers Must Report To A Human Resources Representative

1. Required Lifetime Service