29 Most Adorable Images of the Attractive Supergirl Actress, Melissa Benoist


While Superheroes are anyway our favorites courtesy the comic books and cartoons that we watched growing up, their personalities keep fueling our dreams and imagination. Ever since the option of casting super powered individuals in the live-action format on TV and big screen became  available, those imaginations took a real shape. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman etc have been around  in live-action format for several decades now and things have started looking more pleasing ever since DC launched its Arrowverse.

We all knew Superman, but, it is the arrival of Supergirl in the Arrowverse on The CW that has brought the less famous cousin of the iconic hero into the spotlight. Melissa Benoist is an extremely adorable actress who has been playing Supergirl with absolute finesse. She is a real eye candy and she oozes real charm.

Add to that her tremendous acting skills and what we have is a genuine fan favorite who has won the hearts of millions of fans. Whether you see her in the Supergirl costume or in her nerdy, bespectacled office girl look, Melissa Benoist is a heart stealer. We searched around the internet, and created a compilation of these fantastic images of  the actress which are bound to make you laugh, admire her and most certainly fall in love with her. Check them out below!

“What’s the only thing more adorable than #Supergirl with a puppy?”

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That smile <3

Posing with a flower

She is Sexy too!

Being Sweet

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Taking a selfie with her former partner!

Amazing Trio!


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On Set Fun!

Lovely Smile!

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She Loves Ice Cream!

Pretty Dress!

With Little Supergirls!

Ice Cream Lover!

Super Cute!

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That One Big Piece!



Holding Snake!


Say Hi!