8 Times Superheroes Became Unbelievable Versions Of Hulk


Just like how the gamma bomb transformed Bruce Banner into the Incredible Hulk, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby came up with the idea that any character exposed to gamma radiation could transform from a normal person into a superhuman being.

With that in mind, let’s look at 8 superheroes who transformed into Hulk versions of themselves when exposed to gamma radiation.


After fighting the Hulk in “Web of Spider-Man” #69, Spider-Man was blasted by a bio-electric transference blast and became a Hulk version of himself! He caused a lot of damage to Grand Central Terminal before Spider-Man found a way to reverse the effects.


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7. HULK 2099

John Eisenhart, an executive for a major film studio was followed by a cult devoted to the Hulk called The Knights of Banner, even though they refused to sell their film rights to him. In retaliation, he called the cops on them who showed up and started attacking the defenseless knights. Feeling guilty, Eisenhart tried to save them until one of the Knights then tried to stop the cops by setting off a gamma bomb. Eisenhart was blasted with the effects of the bomb and became a new version of the Hulk.



Hulk had landed on a gladiator planet and got married. His wife, however, was murdered and the planet destroyed.

However, his wife gave birth to a son named Skaar, who had both his mother’s “Old Power” and his father’s Hulk abilities. Skaar went to Earth to avenge his mother’s death. In that time, he realized that the Hulk was a hero and decided not to kill him.


The Intelligencia fired a special radiation ray that transformed people into Hulks, in this case, Deadpool. Wade decided to travel back in time and ended up on an adventure with the Fantastic Four where the Thing was undercover as a pirate, traveling through history, stopping Hitler and other bad guys.



Transforming into Hulks changed The Avengers thought processes and were greatly motivated by past traumas.

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3. X-MEN

The X-Men also were transformed into Hulk versions of themselves, notably Hulkclops and Ice-Hulk. They recalled their times when they were at Xavier’s.


The members of the Fantastic Four were in town when the radiation hit them and transformed them into Hulks.



Rogue ended up fighting She-Hulk and during the fight, absorbed She-Hulk’s powers and her rage.