The Time Superman And Captain America Merged To Form Super-Soldier


We know that one of the purest heroes in the Marvel universe is Captain America and he became synonymous with unity, justice, freedom, and courage. Captain America has become a very beloved character. With various readers having many opinions of what Captain America actually symbolises, any change to this character is criticised.

Let’s talk about his villainous turn in “Secret Empire” which did not go sit very well with all the fans. This is a problem for the comic book writers, who wanted to make fresh and new stories for this character and at the same time also retain a sense of status quo. By allowing the writers to explore weird hypotheticals and a few different takes on characters, the universes have now become home to the strangest yet most engaging business.

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Having been published by Amalgam Comics the issues shared by Marvel and DC in the ’90s, Amalgam Universe had featured characters which were fusions of the two companies’ heroes. A memorable character was Super-Soldier (Captain America and Superman). Considering his powers through a certain formula created by the genetics of a dead alien, Clark Kent is exposed to the serum after he signs up for the Super Soldier program.

With powers very similar to Superman (strength, vision, and flight), the Super-Soldier sports a suit which resembles Captain America’s, costume and is even complete with a shield in the shape of Superman’s “S.”


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His enemies are Green Skull (LexLuthor and Red Skull) who got the better of the Super-Soldier, and he had injected him with Green K, and this causes his powers to fade over time.