Superman Got Lois Lane Pregnant Which Killed Her And He Made Out With Another Women On Lois’s Grave, Heres’ What Happened


We can all agree that Superman can be a jerk sometimes. He might have saved the world and all that, but there have been times when he has hurt Lois Lane so badly, that he actually killed her during childbirth, and actually made out with someone else on her grave. Let’s take a look at how it happened.

Lois Lane’s main purpose in life was to marry the Man of Steel and have his children. However, things take a turn badly for her.

In the Adventures of Superman Annual #3,  a time traveler reveals that, in the future, she and Clark Kent eventually get married, and she falls pregnant. During the course of her pregnancy, their unborn baby super kicks Lois from inside the womb, killing her on the spot.

In his grief, Superman flees the planet in an attempt to commit suicide but instead meets an alien warrior princess named Maxima who he ends up making out with on Lois’ grave.

That is a pretty indecent thing for Superman to do. He should have known in the first place that his body make up is not the same as a human being before getting Lois Lane pregnant. And after she dies tragically, instead of mourning her death, he chooses to bang someone else all over her grave.