The Time When Superman Obliterated Batman By Burning Him To Death, Here’s How He Did It. Like That. Here’s How It Happened


In the Golden Age, Superman tried to correct every social evil on earth by unnecessarily ruining people’s lives. He had a nasty habit of poking his nose into other people’s affairs where it didn’t belong. All because he is considered a superhero. In the Silver Age, he took pleasure in tormenting his closest friends.  In this case, we are going to take a look at the time when Superman incinerated Batman. In modern times, he has no trouble killing anyone who doesn’t agree with him or looks like Batman.

In the ’80s, DC Universe had so many alternate reality story arcs that the company decided to streamline everything into one single continuity during Crisis on Infinite Earths. One of the universes to be destroyed was Earth Prime, home of homicidal maniac Superman Prime.

Angered at being shunned by the main DC universe, this version of Superman went berserk and tried to undo everything that had been done. After throwing a huge tantrum, he completely changes reality and restores the unnecessary complex pre-Crisis status.

In the Countdown to Final Crisis he stumbles upon Earth-15 where General Zod is Superman, Wonder Woman is not powerful, and Jason Todd is Batman. Just because he’s a major jerk, Superman Prime kills them all.

Todd aka Batman is the worst off as after being choked out by Superman Prime, he is flown into space and then burned to death while trying to re-enter the planet’s atmosphere.