Superman Prime’s Armor Is So Powerful That It Mocks The Likes Of Iron-Man’s Bleeding Edge And Model Prime Armors


Whether it is about fighting an army single-handedly, drafting into a war on crime by Batman or fighting Superman, one has encountered a huge threat which requires much more than human bones and organs. Even Kevlar will not cut it when squaring off against people who can make death fly from the face. One would need a lot of protection.

In order to qualify, the armors have to be a suit which is made of protective material and runs on the power source an, Cyborg’s does not qualify.

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Why would someone like Superman need a powerarmor? Debuting in “Infinite Crisis” (Phil Jimenez, and Geoff Johns). Superboy-Prime had designed his armor after Anti-Monitor’s Harness and serving as the energy collector which feeds Prime with yellow sunlight. While this armor aids Superboy in compensating for his time that was spent being imprisoned under red light, it buffs up Superboy-Prime. An armoredSuperboy-Prime can take on The Teen Titans, Powergirl, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern Corps all on his own. The armoredSuperboy-Prime is also powerful enough to kill Superboy (Connor Kent) and crush the cloned Kryptonian.


This armor has a lot of defensive abilities, and this allows Superboy to withstand Black Adam’s punches and any other magic.

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Superboy Prime’s armor could have actually made him the strongest character in the DCU, if not for his immaturity. Anyways, it takes the strength of Silver Age Earth-2 Superman and the current Superman to seize Prime and charge through a field of kryptonite before he plunges through a red sun to destroy Superboy-Prime’s armor.